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Abdullayev Hasan Mammadbaghir oglu

Abdullayev Hasan Mammad Bagir – 20.08.1918 Nakhchivan – 01.09.1993 Baku (Republic of Azerbaijan).

1970 – 1983 – President of the Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences
1955 – Corresponding Member of the Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences
1967 – Full Academician of the Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences
1968-1970 – Academic-Secretary of the Physics and Mathematics Department of Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences
1970 – Corresponding Member of the USSR and Russian Academy of Sciences.
1957 – Director of the Research Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences
1957 – 1993 – Founder and Permanent Director of the Institute of Physics of the Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences
1968-1993 – Member of Joint Physics Astronomy Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences, member of the Scientific Council “Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductors” of Presidium of USSR Academy of Sciences Member of Supreme Attestation Commission of USSR
1970-1984 – Member of the USSR and Azerbaijan SSR Supreme Parliaments

Academician Hasan Abdullayev is the founder of Physics of Semiconductors School in Azerbaijan, author of the first scientific book in Azerbaijani language (1952).

Academician Abdullayev is one of the main figures in the world of physics and Soviet science (prof .Lutfu Zade, University of Berkli, USA).

H.Abullayev was engaged in science in A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute. Being a disciple of A.F.Ioffe Abdullayev H. is the worthy scientist among distinguished ones of this Institute. As part of Abdullayev’s scientific activities and being a versatile scientist of great learning, it was typical for him to combine experimental and theoretical research with the solution of the most important practical tasks. The main tasks of his activity were the creation and study of wide range of semiconductive substances under extreme conditions by the combined effect of impurities, strong magnetic and electric fields, high pressure, low and super-low temperatures. (Zhores Alferov, Nobel Prize in Physics ).

H. Abdullayev achieved fundamental scientific results within the research of the chemical element Selen (Se), its role in biological process, physics of semiconductive instruments manufactured on the base of Se and Tellurium (Te) complex compounds. He first revealed and explained Se special phenomena, indicated the ways of controlling element properties and created a series of instruments on this base, he predicted the existence of new class of complex semiconductors and found new groups of binary and ternary complex semiconductors used as the detectors in visible and IR region of spectrum. Under his leadership extensive works have been completed on the production of semiconductive single crystals of complex chemical composition for lasers and memory elements. A great number of unknown works groups of ternary and fourfold isotropic semiconductive compounds perspective for microelectronics and laser technique have been obtained, different types of converters, transferring devices from electric memory of prolonged storage, working out according to new physical principles, quantogenerators, radiation detectors and etc., have been created.

Academician Hasan Abdullayev was a scientist of great talent for organization. His role in the formation of scientific community in Azerbaijan is of great importance. Due to his scientific research efforts and organizational activity in 1957 the Institute of Physics was confirmed as the Leading Research Institute in USSR on the research of semiconductor materials and coordination of works on development of medical thermoelectric devices, development of problem of synthetic naphtha acid and problem of magnetic semiconductors.

He realized that science is the guarantee of successful future and he lived for the sake of it. He is the author of 17 monographs, over 1000 scientific publications, 700 inventions with authorship certificates of USSR (Soviet patents), 40 foreign patents from USA, France, Germany, UK, head of 200 doctoral (Ph.D.) and post-doctoral theses.

By the initiative and under the leadership of academician Hasan Abdullaev the following were established:

Since 1947 – Citywide seminars on physics in Baku

1956 – Department of Semiconductor Physics at the Baku State University

1957-59 – Institute of Physics and Institute of Mathematics & Mechanics

1959 – Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory, based on the astrophysics Sector

1965 – Institute of Cybernetics

1967 – Batabat Astrophysical Observatory in Nakhchivan region

1969 – Radiation Research Sector, later the Institute of Radiation Problems, on the basis of which is the National Centre for Nuclear Research has now been created.

1970 – Scientific-production associations «Ulduz», «Nord», «Azon», «Iskra», «Tellur», «Billur» (1968)

1972 – Nakhchivan Research Center, which is now the Nakhchivan Department of ANAS (National Academy of the Republic of Azerbaijan)

1972 – Experimental-production works at the Institute of Petrochemical Processes

1973 – The branch of the Institute of Applied Physics, which is now the Institute of Photoelectronics with a pilot manufacturing plant

1973 – Sheki Zonal Scientific Base, which became the Sheki Regional Research Center

1974 – Department of Astrophysics at the Baku State University

1974 – "Caspian" Research Center at the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR, since 1992 –Azerbaijan Space Agency

1975 – Laboratory of High Energy Physics at the Institute of Physics. Collaborative research with the Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna) and the Institute of High Energy Physics (Serpukhov)

1976 – The Sector of Physics of the Earth at the Institute of Geology.

1976 – Research and Development Institute of viticulture and winemaking in Mehtiabad

1978 – Institute of Space Research of Earth Natural Resources

1978 – Special Construction Bureau (SCB) "Cybernetics", SCB with pilot plant "Crystal"

1978 – Daridag SCB Technology Bureau with Pilot Plant

1979 – Agsu Research and Development base in Khanlar region

1980-81 – Regional Scientific Center in Ganja

1981 – Pilot Plant "Selenium", "Register" with pilot production, Special Construction-Technological Bureau (SKTB) "Reagent" (1982) , Special Construction Bureau (SKB) "Crystal" in Baku (1985).