Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Guliyev Abulfaz Aman oglu
Place of Birth Nakhchivan AR, Nakhchivan city    
Date of Birth 27.03.1950 
Education Azerbaijan State University (at present BSU)
Scientific degree Doctor of Philological Sciences 
Title Professor
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Turkish languages

Non-finite forms of the verb in the monuments of Orkhon inscriptions

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Turkish languages

Lexical-semantic system of old Turkic onomastics

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Basic scientific achievements

Study of lexicon and grammar of the old Turkish monuments with inscriptions 

Names of scientific works

1. Lexical-semantic system of old Turkic onomastics. In 2 volumes, Baku, “Elm”, 2001

2. The toponyms and ethnonyms in the monuments of Orkhon inscriptions. Bakı, “Elm”, 2004

3. The Nakhchivan accent. “TDK”. Ankara, 2010

4. Word actuality of the Nakhchivanaghzi. “Kultur ve Turizm bakanlighi”. Ankara, 2011

5. Azerbaijani wedding folk songs. “Kultur ve Turizm bakanlighi”. Ankara, 2009

6. Onomastics of the ancient Uyghur Turks. Bakı, 2014

7. M.Shahtakhtli’s Publicity. Bakı, “Elm ve tahsil”,2016

8. M.Shahtakhtli: prominent linguist and publisher. Nakhchivan, 2017

9. Dictionary of Nakhchivan dialects and accents. Nakhchivan, 2017
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
  1. PAFAIAW, Turkey
  2. Union of Euroasian Writers, Turkey
  3. Union of Azerbaijani Writers, Baku
  4. Terminology commission near the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  5. Problem Council for philology of ANAS
  6. Azerbaijan Elders Council
  7. State Language Commission of the Azerbaijan Republic
  8. The Spelling Commission of ANAS 
Pedagogical activity Nakchivan state university, professor
Other activities Chair of the Dissertation Committee attached to Nakhchivan State University 
Awarding and prizes
  1. Honoured Decree of the Presidium of ANAS
  2. Honoured teacher of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  3. International cultural award named after Shahriyar (Iran)
Main place of work and its address Institute of Art, Language, and Literature of Nakhchivan Department of ANAS 
Position General director
Office phone (+994 36) 5446578 
Mobil (+994 50) 3218726 
Home phone (+994 36) 5446591