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Melikov Agassi Zarbali oglu
Place of Birth Siazan city, Azerbaijan Republic   
Date of Birth 01 January, 1957 
Education Baku State University, Mathematician 
Scientific degree Doctor of Technical Science 
Title Professor 
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System for automatic control and information processing

Situational control of service processes of consumers on oil stations  
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Mathematic and software tools in computer machine, system and networks

Methods and models to analysis and optimization of service processes in multi-flow queuing systems
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Total number of scientific publications 220
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 200
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 120 
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Main scientific achievements Methods to optimization of   multi-flow queuing systems with controllable priorities are developed;

Approximate method to calculate the stationary distribution of one class of two-dimensional Markov chain is developed;

Methods to analysis and optimization of next generation networks are developed.

Names of scientific works 1. Математические модели многопотоковых систем обслуживания. Киев: Техника. 1991. 254 s.

2. Телетрафик: Модели, методы, оптимизация. Киев: Политехника, 2007. 256 s.

3. Управление мультисервисными сетями связи с буферными накопителями. Киев: НАУ-друк. 2008. 156 s.

4. Performance analysis and optimization of multi-traffic on communication networks. London: Springer. 2010. 208 s.

5.Multi-dimensional queueing models in telecommunication networks. London. Springer. 2014. 210 s.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity National Aviation Academy, Azerbaijan 
Other activities Head of Modeling of queuing inventory systems laboratory Institute of Control Systems NASA
Awarding and prizes  
Place of work and its address National Aviation Academy, AZ 1045, Baku, 25th km, Bina, Azerbaijan
Position Head of Information Technology Department
Office phone (+994 12) 4972600 (extra 30-68)
Mobil (+994 70) 3989798
Home phone  
Fax (+994 12) 5392826 
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