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Mammadova Rena Azer gizi
Place of Birth Baku city,  Azerbaijan Republic    
Date of Birth 27 February1950 
Education Azerbaijan state Music Academy 
Scientific degree Doctor of Art 
Title Professor 
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Music art

The role of Azerbaijan mode-intonation basis in the appearance of U/Hajybayov’s sonata form

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Music art

Azerbaijan mugam. Sources of formation and functioning
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Basic scientific achievements The creation of the school of comparative art scince in Azerbaijan; The working out and grouding of functionality of Azerbaijan mugam; Grouding and elaboration of ethnomorphological analysis in folk music.
Names of scientific works

1. The problem of functionality in Azerbaijan mugam. Elm, 1989.

2. Azerbaijan mugam. Elm, 2002.

3. Musical turkology. Elm, 2002.

4. Pages from the history of Azerbaijan musical theatre. Elm, 2006.

5. Russia and Caucasus, 2010.

6. Sketches on ethnomusicology. 2015.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1.Academician of RussianAcademy of Pedagogical and social science.

2.Member of the society “Russian culturology”.

3.Member of the board of Composers’ Union of Azerbaijan.

4. Member of the Presidium of Association of Culture of Azerbaijan.

5. Member of Artists Union of Azerbaijan.

6. Member of Expert commission in the Higher Attestation commission. 
Pedagogical activity 10
Other activities  
Awards and prizes

1. “Azerbaijan banner”

2. “Golden pen”

3. “Enlightener of the people”

4. Honorary diplomas of NASA - № 24/1, 12.12.2005

5.Honorary diplomas of NASA - № 9/10, 02.04.2010
Main place of work and its address Institute of Architecture and Art of NASA, H.Javid av., 115
Position Head of department Interrelation of arts
Office phone (+994 12) 5393496  
Mobil (+994 51) 8126220 
Home phone (+994 12) 4971724