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Nuriyev Ali Khudu oglu
Place of Birth Republic of Azerbaijan, Fizuli region, Goradiz village                           
Date of Birth June 26, 1939 
Education Azerbaijan State University named after SM Kirov 
Scientific degree Doctor of Economics 
Title Professor 
Topic of  PhD thesis:

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Distribution of productive forces, the economic regions of the USSR

Lower Kura-Aras industrial complex and its future development paths  

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08.00.05; 08.00.04

Distribution of productive forces, the economic regions of the USSR

Economy and its areas, planning and organization of management (industry)

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June 30, 2001

Distribution of productive forces, the economy of SSR regions (at the present, regional economy)

Total number of scientific publications 260 
Number of scientific publications printed abroad
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases
Certificates of authorship and number of patents Has a certificate on the results of the implementation of  scientific research from the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic, the State Planning Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Ministry of Education, the Council of Ministers of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the State Planning Committee  
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Main scientific achievements The following problems have concluded and presented to the according bodies. For the first time, in Azerbaijan, applied the formation problems (industrial hubs, the present industrial zones). Implemented conceptions attracted the specialists and discussed at the State Planning Commission (1969-1972). The concept of the future development of sericulture in Nakhchivan AR (1976-1977), concluded the development of cattle-breeding and improvement of ensuring meat and dairy products (1973-1974); forecasting (1978-1979) on socio-economic development for 1981-1985 years, and till 1990, of Nakhchevan AR, proposals for the restoration of the canceled administrative regions (1989-1990), The State Program “Socio-economic development of regions of Azerbaijan Republic” (2004-2008 years), has given the first scientific analyzes and scientifically has based (2003-2004); put forward the idea on finishing transition period in Azerbaijan and it has scientifically based (2007); in Azerbaijan has developed the conceptual basis of the policy of socio-economic development for the recent twenty years (2011-2013). 
Names of scientific works

1. Socio-economic problems of replacement of productive forces in the republic. Baku, "Elm", 1982, pp.136.;

2. Improving the complex of economic and administrative-territorial structure of Azerbaijan Republic. Baku, "Elm", 1991, pp. 74.

3. Overcoming the economic crisis of Azerbaijan and principal problems of economic development. Baku, 1992, pp.128.

4. Human and life philosophy. Baku, "Chashioghlu", 2005, pp.263.

5. Nakhchivan economy in 21st century. General editorship was Academic Faramaz Magsudov. Baku, "Elm", 2000, pp.102. with authorships A.A.Nadirov and Sh.M.Muradov.

6. Basis of regional management (textbook). Baku, “Elm”, 2007, pp.428.

7. Regional policy and management. Baku, “Elm”, 2004, pp.346

8. Basis of regional policy and management (2nd book published with basically changes and additions). Baku, “Elm and Tahsil”-2011, pp.516

9. Economic development in Azerbaijan and conceptual basis of modernization policy. Baku, “AVROPA” Publishing House, 2013, pp.418.

10. Economy of Azerbaijan (for Azerbaijanis living abroad), Baku, “Elm”, 2003, pp.341. (Nadirov A.A. and others)

11. The theory of State administration. Textbook (with collective authorship), Baku, Elm and Tahsil”, 2010, pp.550, an author of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1. A member of Dissertation Council of Institute of Economics ANAS and chairman of the Council of Scientific Seminar

2. A member of Dissertation Council of Nakhchivan branch of ANAS 
Pedagogical activity Since February 1965, along with scientific research works has been teaching in higher education institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 
Other activities Member of the Scientific Council of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan. 
Awarding and prizes

In 2000 and 2009 was awarded with the Honored Diploma of the Presidium of ANAS.

On September 10, 2009 by Presidential Decree no 470, for scientific and educational achievements was awarded with the title “Honored Scientist of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

Was awarded various media awards including Media Award «Golden pen», «Master», and awarded with the diploma Progress» by the Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan. 
Place of work and its address The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Baku, str. Lermontov 74 
Position Director of the Institute of Regional Economics and Social Research 
Office phone (+994 12) 4928931
Mobil (+994 50) 3064555
Home phone (+994 18) 6463812