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Safarli Hajifakhraddin Yahya oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Nakhchivan AR, Jahri village of Babek region 
Date of birth September 29, 1949 
Education The Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute 
Scientific degree Doctor of Historical Sciences
Title Professor 
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Patriotic history

The Arabian- Persian language epitaphs of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic as a monuments of history and  culture

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Patriotic history

Socio-political and ideological centres in Nakhchivan  

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Basic scientific achievements

     Epigraphic monuments in Nakhchivan  Autonomous Republic have been studied systematically for the first time. More than 600 registrated  epigraphic monuments, their estamps, photos, taken their size, reading texts have been translated into Azerbaijan. Most of the inscriptions have been included to the scientific revolution for the first time. Information presented by these inscriptions were investigated as a source of learning history and culture in the period of Middle Ages.  As a result of investigations many great personalites, at the sametime statesmen, skilfuls, scientists and others who lived in Nakhchivan in the Middle Ages determined their names, grave locations, dates of death, some settlements, period of archaeological monuments and so on were determined.  Also on the basis of information  of inscriptions operating in Nakhchivan in the Middle Ages the centres which connected with sufism have been studied. It was known that Safaviyya, Bektashiyya, Hurifiyya, Nogtaviyya, Qalandariyya etc. khanagahs belonged sufi sects were operated in Nakhchivan. He has published more than 600 scientific and scientific works, including more than 40 books, monographs, textbooks, methodical and study programs, more than 380 scientific articles and theses on epigraphic monuments of Nakhchivan and various problems of Azerbaijani history. He has participated in a number of international and national symposiums and conferences, reviewed monographs, dissertations and abstracts, edited books and monographs. Opposition to the dissertation of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science, 4 doctors of philosophy were prepared. Several doctoral and doctoral dissertations are under development.

Names of scientific works
  1. The socio-political and ideological centers in Nakhchivan. Bаku: Еlm, 2003, 392 p.
  2. The monuments of Muslim epigraphy of Ordubad. Baku: MBM, 2009, 192 p.
  3. Epigraphics. Baku: MBM, 2010, 144 p.
  4. Centers of mysticism in Nakhchivan. Baku: Elm ve tahsil, 2013, 328 p.
  5. Heydar Aliyev's legacy - eternal learning. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2014, 200 p.
  6. The prophet Noah in the historical sources. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2015, 158 p.
  7. Prominent persons in the epigraphic monuments of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2016, 144 p.
  8. The religious-cultural monument complex “Ashabi-Kahf Pilgrimage”. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2016, 72 p.
  9. The monuments of Turkic-Islamic culture of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2017, 216 p.
  10. The epigraphic monuments of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2017, 200 sec.
  11. Nakhchivan region in the Safavids period. Baku: Elm ve Tehsil, 2014, 224 p.
  12. The descriptions on the memorial monuments of Nakhchivan region as the historical-cultural monument. Baku: Elm ve tahsil, 2013, 232 p.;
  13. Craftsmanship in Nakhchivan (XII-XIX centuries). Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2017, 184 p.
  14.  The false Armenian genocide and historical facts. Nakhchivan: “Ajami” PPA, 2018, 208 p.
  15.  Nakhchivan imamzadehs. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2018, 28 p.
  16.  Nakhchivan tombs. Nakhchivan: “Ajami” PPA, 2018, 40 p.
  17.  The mosques and sanctuaries of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2018, 216 p.
  18.  The epigraphic monuments of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2019, 152 p.
  19.  The Nakhchivan carpets: in history and nowadays. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2019, 104 p.
  20. The Gazançhi bridge. Nakhchivan: Ajami PPA, 2019, 40 p.

He is one of the authors of two volumes “Nakhchivan encyclopaedia”, “Nakhchivan monuments` encyclopaedia” published in Russian and English languages, “Historical atlas of Nakhchivan” and three volumes “Nakhchivan history”. 

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity Nakhchivan State University, professor
Other activities

He is the deputy of the Supreme Mejlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous  Republic, he is also the chairman of the “Right politics and problems of state promoter committee” 

Awards and prizes
  1. Honorary decrees of the Presidium of ANAS – 2009
  2. The Gold Memory order devoted to the 90th anniversary of Our National Leader Heydar Aliyev -2013
  3. Honorary Title of  Honored Scientist of Azerbaijan Republic -2015
  4. Honorary decrees of the Presidium of ANAS – 2019
  5. Honorary decrees of the Presidium of Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS of– 2019
Main place of work and its address The Institute of History, Ethnography and Archaeology of Nakhchivan Section of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, AZ7000, Nakhchivan city, Hеydar Aliyеv avenue, 76 
Position Director 
Office phone (+994 36) 5450671 
Mobile (+994 50) 3536875 
Home phone (+994 36) 5416323