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Salamzade Artegin Abdulvahab oglu
Place of Birth Kiev c.   
Date of Birth 28.08.1965
Education Azerbaijan State Art Institute after M. Aliyev
Scientific degree Doctor of art 
Title Professor 
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Theory and history of architecture

Interaction of arts in the metropolitan architecture and humanization of the environment
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Fine and decorative-applied arts

Azerbaijan art study in XX c.  
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Art study
Total number of scientific publications 204
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 33 
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Main scientific achievements The landscape of development of Azerbaijan art study was created, theoretical and methodological problems of descriptive, decorative-applied arts and architectural sciences were studied. As a result of the studies, the evolution of the artistic thought of Azerbaijan was followed in the general context of XX century cultural-historical and aesthetic ideas, the role of global, regional and local factors in the formation of the national art school was detected, and the complex of problems of historical art critisizm were analyzed. The scientific novelty of the researches is that for the first time the methods of exact sciences have been used to analyze the complex of problems of the Azerbaijan historical art critisizm. Thus, as a result of the method of systematic triangles, a new cultural-historical model of studying art has been established, ways of transition from the empirical, descriptive stage of art history to the narrative phase of Azerbaijan.

Formation of the new science field of Turkological art study in Azerbaijan is also the achievement of the last years of the researcher. The methodological foundations of the principles of general periodicization of the history of Turkish art have been worked out, and many similar motifs, composition, form and symbols of archetypal character of Azerbaijani and Turkish art have been investigated.

Names of scientific works 1. Modern art history: sources, problems and methods. (Baku, Science, 1997),

2. Azerbaijan artistry. XX century (Baku.2001),

3. Malik Aghamalov. Painting.(London,2000),

4. Elchin Alibayli: artist and artistic tradition. (Baku, 2001),

5. Design and information. (Baku, 2006),

6. Tofiq Rasulov. Networking. (Istanbul, 2009),

7. Art and art criticism. (Baku, 2009),

8. Akmal Nur. Painting. (Istanbul, 2011),

9. Art criticism of Azerbaijan in the period of independence. (Baku, 2013).

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity Professor on the 0.5 staff of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
Other activities Editor-in-chief of the Institute of Architecture and Art, Journal of Problems of Arts and Culture
Awarding and prizes Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (November 3, 2015) 
Place of work and its address Institute of Architecture and Art of ANAS, AZ1073, 115, H.Javid ave., Baku city
Position Director 
Office phone (+994 12) 5393494 
Mobil (+994 50) 5331965 
Home phone (+994 12) 5108851 
Fax (+994 12) 5393494