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Babanly Mahammad Baba oglu
Place of birth Saatly, Azerbaijan     
Date of birth 22.01.1952
Education Baku State University, department of chemistry 
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemistry 
Title Professor
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02.00.04 (new 2307.01)

Physical chemistry

Phase equilibriums and thermodynamic properties of the systems Tl2CVI-BIII2CIV3 (BIII-Ga, In; CIV- S, Se, Te) 

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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02.00.01 (new 2307.01)

Inorganic chemistry

Physical-chemical bases and thermodynamics of obtaining ternary semi-conductor chalcogendes of tallium  
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Inorganic chemistry
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955 (1book)





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Basic scientific achievements Offered new rational approach for complex investigation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of complex inorganic systems. Worked out its theoretical and methodological aspekts and created scientific fundamentals of guided search and directed synthesis of new series perspective semiconductor and other phases possessing valuable functional properties.  
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Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations At different years he was a member, vice-chairman and chairman of expert council on Chemistry of Supreme Attestation Commission Under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as a member of Academic Council of Baku State University and other several Dissertation Councils. At present, he is a member of Dissertation Council of Institute of Chemical Problems, ANAS, as well as a member of editorial stuff of the journals "Turkish Journal of Chemistry" and “News of Baku University”.
Pedagogical activity He pluralizes a professor of Baku State University. He is a co-author of 11 text-books and manuals for higher institutes.  
Other activities  
Awards and prizes 1. Medal "Tereggi" (Progress)  (2000)

2. He was rewarded with a honorary degree for scientific achievements in 2012 and 2011 years by the rector of BSU

3. He was rewarded  with diploma of  Presidium of Academy of Sciences of Russia in 2011 for series of published scientific articles.

4. I n the occasion of his 70th birthday he was awarded a Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

Main place of work and its address Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after acad. M.Nagiyev of ANAS,  AZ 1143, H.Javid  Ave. 113, Baku, Azerbaijan
Position Executive director, head of department
Office phone (+994 12) 5387756 
Mobile (+994 51) 8378621
Home phone (+994 12) 5685909