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Aliyev Chingiz Said oglu
Place of Birth Baku   
Date of Birth 21.08.1947  
Education Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute (now the Azerbaijan  State  Oil  and  Industrial University)
Scientific degree Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical sciences 
Title Professor 
Topic of  PhD thesis:

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Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits

Studying of the Gamma field of Lower Kura Depression in connection with the Fault Tectonics and Petroleum Potential

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Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits

The Radioactive Fields of the Depression Zones of Azerbaijan

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Total number of scientific publications 182
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 65
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 31
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Main scientific achievements

-          maps of natural radioactivity of depressed areas of Azerbaijan have been constructed (1 : 200 000);

-          scientific basis for allocation of actively living tectonic structures and discovery of hydrocarbon deposits have been developed;

-          regularities of variation of radioactive fields in connection with seismic, geodynamic processes and technological activity have been determined;

-          correlation and the cyclical nature of changing of radioactive and geochemical parameters in the context of the sedimentary rocks of East Azerbaijan have been established, the nature of increased radioactivity in Middle Jurassic and Maikop measures of Azerbaijan have been studied;

-           the formation model of radioactive fields above the oil fields have been made;

-          scientific basis for the organization of the monitoring of the state of the radiation situation in different regions, cities and other human settlements, as well as in separate buildings have been developed;

-          the map of the natural radioactivity for the Absheron Peninsula on a scale of 1: 200 000 have been constructed (with technogenic anomalies);

-          the radioactivity background maps for different oil and gas producing areas  have been made and isolated areas of technogenic pollution have been marked out; the mechanism of the radionuclide contamination formation have been shown;

-     the cadastre of radon distribution for Azerbaijan territory has been made and the map of radon volume activity has been constructed.
Names of scientific works 1. Long-term in sute monitoring at Dashgil mud volcano, Azerbaijan: a link between seismicity, pore-pressure transients and methane emission. Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch) (2010) 99 (Suppl 1):S227-S240. Achim Kopf, Georg Delisle, Eckhard Faber, Behrouz Panahi, Ibrahim Guliyev.

2. Radio ecological situation in urbanized territories of Azerbaijan Republic (by the example of Absheron Peninsula). ROOMS meeting 19 and 20 October 2011, Freiburg, Germany, p. 15.

3. Факторы, контролирующие уровень объемной активности радона в Азербайджане. Xəbərlər Yer Elmləri, №1/2012, cтр. 42-48. А.А.Фейзуллаев, Р.Дж.Багирли, Ф.Ф.Велиева.

4. Радиостратиграфическая характеристика отложений майкопской серии Западного Азербайджана. СТРАТИГРАФИЯ. ГЕОЛОГИЧЕСКАЯ КОРРЕЛЯЦИЯ, 2012, том 20, № 6, с. 1-11. М.Эфендиева, Р.Бабаев, К.Джонсон, А.Фейзуллаев.

5. Radon problem in Azerbaijan: results of indoor measurements and its nature. The modern problems of geology and geophysics of Eastern Caucasus and the South Caspian depression. 34th International Geological Congress. Brisbane, Australia, August 5-10, 2012. Special Issue Papers. Baku-2012, p. 27-34. A.A.Feyzullayev, C.Valsangiacomo, M.Hoffmann, R.J.Baghirli, F.F.Veliyeva.

6. Indoor radon mapping in Azerbaijan. 11th International Workshop on the Geological ASPECTS of Radon Risk Mapping. Prague 2012. P. 260-268. A.A.Feyzullayev, R.J.Baghirli, F.F.Veliyeva, L.Pampuri, M.Hoffmann, C.Valsangiacomo.

7. Проблема радона: геодинамические и экологические аспекты. Geology Institute of ANAS Republican Seismic Survey Center of ANAS. Seismoforecasting researches carried out in the Azerbaijan territory. 7-12 October, 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan. P. 97-106. А.А.Фейзуллаев, Р.Дж.Багирли, Ф.Ф.Велиева, А.Р.Алиева.

8. Оценка уровня радоновой радиации в Азербайджане и изучение его влияния на здоровье человека. Проблемы снижения природных опасностей и рисков: Материалы Международной научно-практической конференции «ГЕОРИСК-2012»: В 2-х т. Т.2 – М.: РУДН, 2012, cтр. 214-219. А.Р.Алиева, Ф.Ф.Велиева.

9. Radiostratigraphic Study of the Deposits of the Maikop Group, Western Azerbaijan. ISSN 0869-5938, Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation, 2012, Vol. 20, No. 6, pp. 567-577. Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2012. E.Efendieva, R.Babayev, C.Johnson, A.Feyzullayev.

10. Investigation of the Dashgil mud volcano (Azerbaijan) using beryllium-10. Beam interactions with materials and atoms. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B, Volume 294. January 2013. P. 606-610. K.J.Kim, M.Baskaran, J.Jweda, A.A.Feyzullayev, H.Matsuzaki, A.J.T.Jull.

11. Deep gases discharged from mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan: New geochemical evidence. Marine and Petroleum Geology 43 (2013). P. 450-463. Marco Bonini, Franco Tassi, Akper A. Feyzullayev, Francesco Capecchicii, Angelo Minisalle.

12. О роли радона в формировании радиоэкологической среды Абшеронского полуострова. Azərbaycanda geofizika yenilikləri. Elmi-texniki jurnal 1-2 / 2013. səh. 30-33. Ф.Ф.Махмудова.

13. A.A.Feyzullayev, Ç.S.Əliyev, C.Valsangiacomo, R.J.Baghirli, M.Hoffmann, F.F.Mahmudova. The Prospects of Solving of the Radon Problem in Azerbaijan. 12th International Workshop on the Geological Aspects of radon Risk Mapping. Proceedings. Czech geological Survey, Radon v.o.s., Prague 2014. P. 7-10.

14. A.A.Feyzullayev, Ç.S.Əliyev C.Valsangiacomo, R.J.Bagırlı, M.Hoffmann, F.F.Mahmudova. Results of indoor radon survey in Azerbaijan. IGCP 610 Second Plenary Meeting and Field Trip, Baku, Azerbaijan, 12-20 October 2014. P. 179-181.

15. Benedetta Antonielli, Oriol Monserrat, Marco Bonini, Gaia Righini, Federico Sani, Guido Luzi, Akper A. Feyzullayev, Chingiz S. Aliyev. Pre-eruptive ground deformation of Azerbaijan mud volcanoes detected through satellite radar interferometry (DInSAR). Tectonophysics 637, 2014. P. 163-177.

16. А.А.Фейзуллаев, Ч.С.Алиев, Р.Дж. Багирли. Экологическая оценка уровня концентрации радона в термальных водах Талыша (Азербайджан). АМЕА Xəbərlər Yer elmləri, №1-2.Bakı, 2015. Səh. 79-85.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. Member of Poland Radon Center

2. Member of International Medical Geology Association

Pedagogical activity Professor of the chair “Geophysics” in Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University
Other activities Professor of International Ecoenergy Academy
Awarding and prizes “Tereggi” 
Place of work and its address Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS of Azerbaijan, Baku, H.Javid ave., 119
Position Head of department
Office phone (+994 12) 5393481 
Mobil (+994 50) 6434777 
Home phone (+994 12) 5974345 
Fax (+994 12) 5372285