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Musayev Shakir Mazlum oglu
Place of Birth Eyvazkhanbayli village, Aghdam region 
Date of Birth 15.03.1957 
Education Azerbaijan Medical University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Medical Sciences 
Title Professor 
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Forensic medicine

Some electrical characteristics of human hair and their forensic-medicinal value

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Forensic medicine

Opportunities of craniometrical researches during forensic-medicinal identification of population of Caucasus

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Medical sciences

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Certificates of authorship and number of patents 4 patents for the invention and 7 certificates on an rationalization proposal 
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Main scientific achievements Development of modern high-technology methodology on identification of the personality (various aspects and results of this work are reflected in "A state program on a solution of the problem of identification of the personality" of the Russian Federation); new data on anthropology of the Caucasus in general and Azerbaijan in particular; the solution of some problems and development of the corresponding documentation (laws, amendments, regulations, etc.) for legal system of Azerbaijan. 
Names of scientific works 1. Management. Forensic medicine and basis of medical evidence in court (in Azerbaijani language). Baku, 2014. 2259 pages (in 4 volumes)

2.Management. Preliminary inquiry and forensic medicine support of judicial investigation(in Azerbaijani language). Baku, 2012. 518 pages.

3.Monograph. Medico-criminalistic identification populations of Caucasus on skull. Baku 1999. 227 pages.

4. Monograph. Terrorism – situations and their Forensic medicine assessment (in the Azerbaijani language). Baku, 2014. 400 pages.

5. Monograph. Forensic medicine and its opportunities (in the Azerbaijani language). Baku, 2009. 648 pages.

6. Monograph. Forensic medicine identification of the personality on a skull. Baku, 2001. 334 pages.

7. Teaching Aid. Forensic medicine in practice (in the Azerbaijani language). Baku, 1998. 372 pages.

8. Teaching Aid. Forensic medicine (in the Azerbaijani language). Baku, 2006. 690 pages.

9. Teaching Aid.  Forensic medicine ensuring execution of criminal penalty (in the Azerbaijani language). Baku 2008. 454 pages.

10.Teaching Aid. Forensic medicine. St. Petersburg, 2009. 520 pages.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1.Chairman of Republican Scientific Society of Forensic Physicians and Pathoanatomist

2.Real member of European Academy of Medical Sciences

3.Real member of International Academy of Science of Research of Turkish World  
Pedagogical activity Head of the "Forensic Medicine and Pathological Anatomy, with courses of foundations of law" in AzSIPI named after A.Aliyev since 1994. Training courses of physicians and lawyers, as well as the course is taught on forensic medicine to the students of law faculty of the Police Academy is held at the department. At the Department are also taught postgraduate training to physicians-residents, workers of MNS, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor's Office and other agencies.
Other activities He was a member of many international expert groups and participated in these examinations, both as a leader and expert. Among them the most important are expertise on the investigation of genocide of Azerbaijanis in 1918 (Guba and Neftchala events) and Hojali genocide, bloody events in January 1990, on the investigation of war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh, including a terrorist attack on a civilian helicopter with government commission in 1991, expertise in connection with the investigation of the terrorist attacks in Baku metro, in NASA, in the Mosque of Abu-Bakr and other serious crimes against public order, as well as in the investigations of anthropogeniccatastrophes. Besides the identification of the remains of the national hero and martyr Ibrahimov Farid Akhmedov, identification research when transferring burial of 26 Baku Commissars and about the discovery of mass graves of Soviet soldiers killed by the epidemic in the village Pirkeshkul. Additionally, you can call the identification of the remains of the famous explorer Vitus Bering (1994.), identification of the remains of the last Russian Emperor Nikolay II and his family (1998.) Study with Thor Heyerdahl of the questions of ethnogenesis of Azerbaijanis (1998.), identification of the remains of victims of the Chechen war (1999), management expertise, appointed on the plane crash in Afghanistan (2011) and a number of other international examinations. In different years, was a member of several specialized Academic Council of WAC under the Azerbaijani President. 
Awarding and prizes 1. Certificates of honor of Ministry of Health and Prosecutor General's Office of the AzerbaijanRepublic (1997-2014)

2. Medal for assistance from army command of the USA (2004)

3. Special Medal from command of service of criminal researches of army of the USA (2008)

4. Medal of the honourable citizen Vilnius (2011)

5. Medal "Gold Star" of the InternationalHumanitarianAcademy of Sciences of Research of the Turkic World (2011)

6. Medal "Big Gold Crown" of the EuropeanAcademy of Medical Sciences (2012); full member of Academy

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