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Hasanov Afig Rashid oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan, district of Gedabek  
Date of Birth 07.05.2014 
Education Bonch-Bruevich Leningrad Electro technical Institute of Communication 
Scientific degree Doctor technical science  
Title Professor  
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Devices of radio engineering and communication

Acousto-optical delay lines and their application in communication systems 
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05.07.12;  05.12.13

Remote aerospace research; Devices of radio engineering and communication

Interaction of optical and acoustic waves in photo elastic mediums. Acousto-optical methods and devices of information processing 
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Technical science 
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more than 160





Certificates of authorship and number of patents 12
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Main scientific achievements Scientific research is mainly devoted to the study of the characteristics of acousto-optical interaction in a glassy and crystal photo elastic mediums and their application in the solution of radio engineering problems. As a result of scientific studies in this area were created acousto-optic delay lines with direct detection and heterodyne type, providing smooth-controlled delay of electrical signals and developed their scientific basis. These delay lines have been used to offset temporary distortion of signals, to broadband monitoring sources of radio emission, to tracking receiving of frequency-modulated signals, etc. and set up the relevant devices and systems. 
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2. Гасанов А.P. Акустооптическая линия задеpжки гетеpодинного типа. "Пpибоpы и системы упpавления", 1997 г.№6. с.45.

3. Пашаев А.М., Гасанов А.P. Акустооптический пpе-обpазователь вpеменного масштаба. "Pадиотехника и электpоника", 1997 г, т.42, №5, с.606-608.

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7. Гасанов А.Р., Гасанов P.А., Рустамов А.Р., Меликов Б.М. Электронно-управляемые акустооптические линии задержки и некоторые предложения по их применению // Специальная техника, 2014, №1, с.1627.

8. Гасанов А.Р., Гасанов P.А. K выбору вида модуляции в акустооптической линии задержки с прямым детектированием. «Радиоэлектроника», 2015, т. 58, № 6. с.22*33.

9. Гасанов А.Р., Гасанов P.А., Султанов Ф.Н., Гасанова С.М., Велиева С.Р. K использованию особенностей фотоупругого эффекта для демодуляции частотно-модулированных сигналов // Специальная техника, 2016, №1, с.32*41.

10. Гасанов А.Р., Гасанов P.А., Велиева С.Р., Гасанова С.М. Широкополосный фазоинвертор с разделенной нагрузкой на основе дифракции Рамана-Ната // Приборы и системы: управление, контроль, диагностика, 2016, № 4. с.48*53.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, member of correspondent  from 2009  
Pedagogical activity More 32 years  
Other activities  
Awarding and prizes Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering, honorary title "Engineer of the Year - 2015"  
Place of work and its address Azerbaijan National Academy, AZ1045, Bina, 25 km 
Position Pro-rector on scientific work  
Office phone (+994 12) 4972754 
Mobil (+994 50) 5124764 
Home phone (+994 12) 5664410 
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