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Novruzov Vaqif Seyfeddin oglu
Place of birth Rustov village, Quba district, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of birth 01.07.1943
Education Biologist, Ganja State University
Scientific degree Doctor of Biological Sciences
Title Professor 
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Epiphyte lichens of Guba-Gusar regions of Azerbaijan

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Analysis of lichenflora the Major Caucasus

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Basic scientific achievements On the basis of materials of numerous scientific expeditions type formation process in the Caucasus, flora genesis, the lichen flora of Azerbaijan was clearly confirmed with scientific proofs. It was given a botanical description of 15 new species of lichens that are unknown to science for the first time, and they were included into a world of flora. It has been identified a number of new species for Azerbaijani flora, more than 300 types as well as the former Soviet Union (5 species), Caucasian (98 species).

He carried out analysis of 300 species collected from different geographical zones of the country and achieved to obtain new qualitative medicines such as ksanton, antroxinon, emodin, chloremodin. The importance of raw materials for the medical and biological research, medical-biological perspective, the estimated reserves of the country and area of distribution of the species were specified. These data are used for obtaining and production of new medicines.

It was determined that the lichen, which is related to various environmental groups mainly came to Azerbaijan

In the 3rd and 4th periods with a wave of migration: the northern arctic, northern boreal, Font Asia and the Mediterranean.

He calculated the reserve of the species having perfumery and biological importance in the country.

A member of the editorial board of "The Red Book of Azerbaijan" (second volume), 2nd edition.

Names of scientific works 1. Aflorogenetic analysis of lichens of the Major Caucasus and questions of its protection (Monograph), Baku: Elm, 1990.324 p .;

2. Biological varietes of plants in South Caucasus and their protection. Vienna (Аustriya)2005

3. Analysis of the brioflora of the Ganjachay basin. Journal: Natural and Technical Sciences Moscow, № 3 (47). 2010, p.69-71.

4. Bases of fitosenology (Geobotany) (manual), Baku: Science, 2010. 305p.

5. Rock and sediment bluebells (Campanulaceae Juss.) in the high mountains of The Minor Caucasus News of Sciences, Biology and Medicine, vol 68, №1, 2013, p.35-39

6. The Seed Productivity of Some Plants in the Rock and Debrises of the High Upland of the Small Caucasus. EUROPEAN ACADEMIC RES- EARCH Vol. I, Issue 12/ March 2014 (5702-5711)Impact Factor: 3.1 (UIF) DRJI Value: 5.9 (B+)

7. Conspect of lichens of Azerbaijan. (Monograph), Baku: Elm, 2014,236 p.

8. The anthropogenic dynamics and the preservation of vegetation of the Western region of Azerbaijan” Romania,İnternational Multidisciplinary Research Journal, European Academik Research, vol.I, Issue 11,February 2014.

9. The systematic analysis of moss families in Western part of Azerbaijan. International Conference Innovative Approaches to Conservation of Biodiversity.International Conference Innovative Approaches to Conservation of Biodiversity. Conference Program. October 2-4, 2016. Baku, Azerbaijan

10. Florogenetic significance of anatomical signs of representatives of the family Rosaceae of Azerbaijan. Materials of the XVII International Scientific Conference Biological Diversity of the Caucasus and the South of Russia. Nalchik, 2015, p.176-179

11. Flora biodiversity of the rains of the Kapaz mountion. Seab 2016. Symposium an euroasion bidisersity, abstract book. 23-27 may, 2016, Antalya, Türkiyə.

12. Genesis of the Flora of Specially Guarded Natural Areas - Geygel National Park, Eldarpinery, Garayazy and Korchay State Natural Reservations.2017

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Head of the election commission intended for election of dean and head of department positions at GSU a member of the Scientific Council at GSU

Chairman of the Training Methodological Council of the GSU

A member of Dissertation Defence Council at Azerbaijan State Agrarian University

Azerbaijan Republic - a member of the Botanical Society

Pedagogical activity Since 1982 worked as an associate professor, professor and vice-rector for academic affairs and acting rector at Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

Since 2006, professor, Head of the Department of Botany of Ganja State University 

Other activities  
Awards and prizes In 2008, by decree of President of Azerbaijan Republic the honorary title of Honored Scientist of the Republic of Azerbaijan was coferred
Main place of work and its address Ganja State University, AZ2000, 157 H.Aliyev ave.
Position Head of the Department of Botany  
Office phone (+994 22) 2521351
Mobile (+994 50) 5839856 
Home phone (+994 22) 2674278