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Ismayilov Ismayil Mahmud oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city
Date of birth 25.10.1946
Education Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Faculty of Automation Production Processes
Scientific degree Doctor of Technical Science 
Title Professor  
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Information-measuring systems (by industry)

The systems of automatic control of the spatial position of seismic receivers in marine geophysical studies

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Information-measuring and control systems (on branches)

Optimal transformation of flight information in the space of moving objects

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 10
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Basic scientific achievements On the basis of discretization methods analysis and siganl recovery after discretization as applied to flight information transforming and processing methods (principles) for evaluation of optimal periodicity of discretization of parameters altering in time and space were offered.

Method for raising the accuracy of digital dynamic measurements in the conditions of measuring signal and inaccuracy broad-bandidness as well ass finiteness of discretization and observation intervals and evaluation method of navigation measurements results under aprior information uncertainty (ambigvity) was offered.

Digital device for intermittent signals analysis was developed basing on the principle of separating trend and intermittent component with subsequent (following) application of analysis in the temporal area to the former, and analysis infrequency areato the latter.

Complex system for aircraft landing with the usage of simultaneous processing of satellite and pilotage information was developed resulting in flight safety improvement. The devaloped algorithms of navigation and pilotage information transforming and processing were accepted as efficient method for aircraft operation and control automatization as well as flight safety provision.

Scientific research in the field of development of intellectual and expert systems, knowledge basis and models of knowledge presentation in various subject areas was conducted, intellectual measuring complexes with the use of artificial neural networks, methods of forecasted control of aieborne dynamic systems with simultaneous use of statistics methods were developed.

The new concepts for developing the measurement information exchange systems based on the “man-machine” conceptual model on the “crew-aircraft” subsystem have been suggested. The structure for multi-level information system of ergodic integrated navigatinon complex has been developed.

Using Oracle DBMS the conceptual scheme for the infrastucture of maximum protection of aviation and aeronautical information has been developed.

Names of scientific works 1. Пашаев А.М., Исмаилов И.М. Интеллектуальные измерительно-вычислительные комплексы аэрокосмического применения «MAA Elmi məcmuələri». Bakı, 2009. Cild 11, №3.

2. Исмаилов И.М., Годжаев Н.В. Повышение эффективности информационного обеспечения пилотажно-навигационного комплекса. Труды международной научно-технической конференции «АВИА-2011» Киев, 2011г. Стр. 113-117.

3. Пашаев А.М., Исмаилов И.М. Преобразование и обработка информации в авиационных измерительно-вычислительных комплексах. Монография . Баку, 2012. -252 стр.

4. Исмаилов И.М. Компьютерное моделирование нейронного адаптивного фильтра. The International Conference Intellectual Systems in Aviation ICISA – 2012 , Одесса , стр. 61-66.

5. Ismailov I.M., Godjayev A.E. Data-Protection in aviation system. «Elmi məcmuələr», MAA, 2013, cild 15, №4, səh. 51-55.

6. Ismailov I.M., Godjayev A.E. Data Base Security, Oracle Open Word, International Conferrence, USA, San-Fransisco 2014, p. 36-41.

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8. Ismailov I.M., Godjayev A.E. Airline Resevation system. Труды международной научно-технической конференции «Компьютерные системы и информационные технологии». Киев, 2014, стр. 12-14.

9. Ismailov I.M., Godjayev A.E., Joel Perez, Flavio Soares. Como protegerseus dados usando o Oracle Database Vault. Oracle Technology Network. Postado em Dezembro, USA, San-Fransisco 2014, page 1/4-4/4.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity Professor of Aerospace Information Systems, National Aviation Academy (NAA)  
Other activities Member of the Scientific Council of the NAA, Member of the Scientific Council of the Aerospace Faculty, Member of the D06.001 Dissertation Council at the NAA, Member of the Scientific Council on Technical Problems of the Coordination Council for Scientific Research of the National Academy of Dciences of Azerbaijan (ANAS), Member of the Scientific Secretary of the Council on Space Problems of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  
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Main place of work and its address National Aviation Academy, AZ1045, Baku, Mardakan avenue 30.
Office phone (+994 12) 4972600  
Mobile (+994 50) 3870279 
Home phone (+994 12) 4505254