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Mammadov Arif Mammad oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Baku    
Date of birth 29.10.1941 
Education Russian State Marine Academy (Saint Petersburg) 
Scientific degree Doctor of Biology  
Title Professor 
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Human and Animal Physiology

Correlative analysis of the rhythm of stress in various behavioral situations
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Human and Animal Physiology

Dynamics of cortico-subcortical relationships inconditions of experimental emotional stress 
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Basic scientific achievements

The problem of emotional stress and investigationof its central and peripheral mechanisms is veryimportant for a man and especially for people of extreme

professions (avia-dispatchers, pilots, conveyorproduction and etc.).The study of this issue is carried out on the basis ofthe high technologies and has multidisciplinary, systemiccharacter. The autocross-correlative analysis of the EEG

showed that under the influence of emotional stress,primarily in the cortical-subcortical structures of thebrain (posterior hypothalamus, reticular formation, limbicformations, projection zones of cortex and etc.) betweenEEG rhythms there are phase shifts (2,5 – 102,5 m/sec)and violation of cross-correlative coefficients (0,2÷0,37).Processes of space-time disintegration arise in thestructures of central brain mechanisms. At the same timethere is a transmission of negative emotiogeneexcitement, into reverberation, stable “vicious circles”and the formation of hypothalamic-reticular pacemakercentres. Such changes are accompanied by somato-vegetative shifts, characterizing a cerebrovisceral

syndrome of emotional stress, which is a pathogeneticfactor accompanied by various disorders of the body.These results were tested at the company

“Chromatron” (Moscow) in the process of real conveyoractivity of operators. “Systemo-quantum” of vegetative(AT, ECG) and psycho-physiological functions wererecorded by special radiometric device, as well asregularities of revealed abnormalities were evaluated. Onthe base of received results, corresponding complexes ofnon-pharmacological preventive measures weredeveloped. Their use enabled to restore disturbedpsychophysical indexes, to prevent emotional exertion inoperators conducting by acceleration of workingprocesses and decrease of wrong actions. Thus, a definitesocioeconomic effect was obtained which is newscientific and practical direction in research.The third part of investigations was carried out inthe National Academy of Aviation. It is known, that70-80% of security breach of flights in Civil Aviation isconnected with human factor, with development ofemotional exertion of air personnel. Thereby the theoryof functional system (P.K.Anokhin) was improved andadapted by professor Mammadov A.M. in accordancewith the nature of aviation specialists’ activities. At thesame time, a new Systemic Regulation was developed,including control and corrective principles of socialphysiology.

It was found that in the course of aviationspecialists’ professional activity, desynchronizationprocesses are intensified under the influence of negative

emotional excitations in the nervous (EEG) andcardiovascular (ECG) systems accompanied by aviolation of various bioreactions (speed of auditoryreactions) and psychophysiological  indices. Dispersivescreening of low-amplitude ECG oscillations showed theappearance of primary signs “transitory” ischemia, with

an increase in blood pressure.Simultaneously, during this period, there was a

weakening of various cognitive indices and vegetativefunctions, accompanied by an increase in the erroneousaction of aviation specialists. On this background, the useof control-corrective, non-drug measures leads to therestoration of synchronization processes, thenormalization psychophysiological indicators and to thereduction of erroneous actions by the air personnel. Allthis indicates an increase in professional effectiveness,indicating both the preservation of health and safety offlights. These facts were confirmed in the work of theCIS Interstate Aviation Committee (Moscow) and“Azerairnavigation” company of the State concern“Azerbaijan HavaYollari”. 
Names of scientific works

1. Monograph. Correlation indicators of anelectroencephalogram of the brain underemotional stress. Baku, “Elm”, 1979, p. 129.

2. The Book written by group of scientists (editedby acad. Sudakov K.V.) Sanatron. System ofevaluation and rehabilitationof early violations of human physiological

functions in real life conditions. Moscow.“Horizon”, 2001, p. 395.

3. Monograph. Psychophysiological aspects of thehuman factor in airnavigation (in co-authorshipPashayev A.M., Askerov J.J., Sultanov V.Z.),Baku, “EPA”, 2010, p. 196.

4. Dispersive screening of ECG indicators of airtraffic controllers. Works of the Institute ofNormal Physiology named after Anokhin P.K.,PAN, volume 17, Moscow, 2012, pp. 152-161.

5. Dispersive control and correction of “transitoryischemia” of aviadispatchers’ myocardium.Abstract, XX World Congress on rehabilitationin the medicine and immune rehabilitation. New-York, USA, of April, 2014, pp. 24-30.

6. The aviadispatcher as sociotype. J. Air Trafficcontrol, № 3 (19), Astana, 2016, pp. 27-29.(co-authorSultanov V.Z.)

7. Normal physiology. Textbook. Baku, “Tabib”,2011, p. 692. (co-authorSudakov K.V.)

8. Normal physiology. Textbook. Baku, “Tabib”,2012, 1 and 2 volumes, p. 406. (co-authorSudakov K.V.)

9. Normal physiology. Textbook for practicallessons, Baku, “Tabib”, 2014, p. 375. (co-authorHuseynovSh.H., Alizadeh H.T., Hasanova G.A.,Valadov A.E.)

10. Normal physiology. Textbook. Baku, “Tabib”,2016, p. 514. (co-authorAliyevA.Kh.) 
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1. A foreign member of Russian Academy ofSciences, by specialty “physiology” (2004).

2. Academician of International Academy ofSciences (Russian Department).

3. Academician of International Academy ofSciences (Azerbaijan Department).

4. Member of Air-Medical Coordination ScientificCouncil of the Interstate Aviation Committee ofthe Cooperation of Independent States (CIS)Moscow.

5. Member of Academic Council of the Associationof Aerospace, Marine Extreme and EcologicalMedicine of Russia (Moscow).

6. Academician of the International Academy of theModern Sciences named after LutfiZade (Baku).

7. The member of Academic Council (closed, open)for the defense of the thesis of the NationalAcademy of Aviation.

8. Member of the Academic Council of theAzerbaijan Medical University.

9. Deputy Chairman of the physiological section ofthe Scientific Council on  Biology of ANAS(Baku). 
Pedagogical activity

1. The first Medical Academy named afterSechenov I.M., diploma of professor in theDepartment of Normal Physiology.

2. National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan, Headof “Aviation Psychophysiology andRehabilitation” Department, professor.

3. Azerbaijan Medical University, Head of the“Normal Physiology” department. 
Other activities

In addition to the post of head of the SystemicPhysiology Laboratory at the Research Institute ofNormal Physiology named after Anokhin P.K.(Moscow), prof. Mammadov also performed additionalresearch work.In accordance with the state program “Health ofWorkers” and the Resolution of the Council of Ministers

of the USSR, under auspices of the Ministry ofElectronic Industry and the Academy of Sciences at theChromotron enterprise (Moscow), the Health Centre wasorganized with the purpose of timely radiotelemetricevaluation and preventive correction of “systemquantants” of disturbed psycho-physiological indicatorsof operator’s emotional stress in condition of realconveyor production. Prof. Mammadov A.M. was one oforganizers and leader of “Sanatron”.The state program was successfully conducted andhighly appreciated in the speech of Politburo member,the First Deputy of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Aliyev G.A. on the occasion of awarding of USSRAcademy of Medical Sciences (50-th anniversary) withOrder of Lenin V.I. it was published in the medicalnewspaper in the article “Guarding the Health of Sovietpeople, Wednesday, December, 19, 1984, № 101(4442). 
Awards and prizes Bronze (1985) and silver medals (1987) of theexhibition of national economic achievements of theUSSR; gold medals named after academician AnokhinP.K. (2001) and named after academician Pavlov I.P.(2002) RAS. 
Main place of work and its address National Academy of Aviation, AZ1045, Khazardistrict, Bina settlement, 25 km.
Position Head of laboratory “Human factor in Aviation” 
Office phone (+994 12) 4972600 (23-84) 
Mobile (+994 50) 4999211 
Home phone (+994 12) 4401316