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Javanshir Rashid Jamil oglu
Place of Birth Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic     
Date of Birth 17.07.1951 
Education Azerbaijan State Institute Of Oil and Chemistry (now the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University)
Scientific degree Doctor of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences 
Title Professor
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Geophysical methods of search and prospecting of oil and gas deposits

Methods of the studies and prediction of physical properties of reservoirs and seals in zones of spread of AVPD, illustrated by example of NW flank of the Sounth Caspian basin

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Geology, Prospecting and Exploration of Oil and Gas Deposits.

Theoretical models and methods of prediction of stratal pressures, reservoir and screening properties of rocks in terrigenous oil-gas series 
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June 30, 2001

The Geology and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas Deposits.
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212, 8 monographs


Certificates of authorship and number of patents 12
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Main scientific achievements Establishing for the first time of axiomatic principles of the theory of  classification and theoretical dynamic models of formation and development of geo-fluidal pressure as well as an automated complex of methods for their studies and prediction on the basis of geological observations, seismic surveys, geophysical studies of wells and drilling technique data; suggestion for the first time of theoretical models of sediment compaction; development of  physical-mathematical modeling methods for screening of reservoir and physical properties of rocks considering the individual impact of thermo-baric, structural-lithological and geotectonic factors; studies of space porosity structure and mineralogical properties of uncompleted shale by means of computer simulation of geochemical and thermodynamic conditions of allotigenic mineral formation which enabled theoretical validation  of mechanism of interrelations and interface of transformation of clay minerals with anomalous thermobaric and geohydrochemical conditions of the bowels of the earth;  suggestion of a new methodology for defining the zone intervals of oil and gas formation based on prediction of maximum depth of smectic preservation.

Development of the principles of mathematical analysis for processes occurring during the geological and technological time in elision systems allowing to quantitative evaluation of  scales of lateral and vertical migration, determination of the filtrating and screening properties of shaly rocks and evaluation of the role of internal water drive based on data of geological-geophysical and hydrodynamic studies.

Suggestion of model of mechanism of autonomous folding formation in sedimentary basins conditioned by spatial density heterogeneity; grounding of geotectonical concept of formation of general planetary and local types of foldings, vertical and faults in the bowels of the earth by means of  instability model for the first time; carrying out with the use of theoretical models and techniques   created for South Caspian basin of an integrated quantitative evaluation of conditions and intervals of oil and gas formation, pore pressure in reservoirs, parameters of migration, folding, filtration-captivity and screening properties of rocks, which allowed validation and confirmation of the existing views on high potential of oil and gas bearing structures located at the depth of 10 km. 

Names of scientific works Прогнозирование физических свойтсв коллекторов и покрышек нефти и газа., М.Недра, 1982, 200 с.

Геофизические методы изучения геофлюидальных давлений. Баку, Элм, 1993, 324 с.

Моделирование систем нефтегазовой геологии.   М. Недра, 1990, 295 с.

Геофизические методы изучения природных резервуаров нефти и газа. Баку, Элм, 1993, 324 с.

South Caspian Basin Petroleum Production (editor), Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering. Vol. 28 (2000), the Netherlands, 2000

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations The Member of  American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) since 1984

Regional editor of the international scientific journal "Energy Sources" (USA) in 1989-1995

Member of the editorial board of the "Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering" (Holland) in 1989-1996 and since 2001-2006

Member of Editorial Board of the “Azerbaijan Geologist”

Member of Editorial Board of "Seismoprognosis observations in the territory of Azerbaijan"

Pedagogical activity ASOA
Other activities Since 1988 has been a member of the specialized panel for awarding the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences at the Institute of Geology and the Institute of Deep Oil and Gas Deposits of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Since 1993 has been a member of Advisory panel on Earth sciences in High Attesting Commission under the Office of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.
Awarding and prizes Award named after acad.Gubkin, Order of “Shohrat” Glory (2011)
Place of work and its address BP PLC, 1 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4PD
Position Senior Vice President for Strategy and Integration
Office phone +44 (0)207 496 4000 (London)
Home phone (+994 12) 4912494 
Fax (+994 12) 4979990