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Alguliyev Rasim Mahammad oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan Republic, Barda region 
Date of Birth 20.01.1958 
Education Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute named after Ch.Ildirim (present Azerbaijan Technical University), the faculty of "Automation and Computer Engineering", with a degree in "Systems engineering"
Scientific degree Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Title Professor 
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Automated control systems

Development of design methods of multi-microprocessor packet switching center performing adaptive routing function

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Automated control and special-purpose systems

Information security models and methods in computer networks

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Total number of scientific publications 651
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 410
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 305
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Main scientific achievements

Developed the scientific and methodological basis for the construction of adaptive systems to provide information security of computer networks, and proposed models and algorithms for their synthesis;

Developed different models, methods and algorithms for the intellectual analysis of texts (Text Data Mining), as well as, large amounts of data (Big Data);

Developed the conceptual framework for the construction of variable structured private virtual networks to provide the information security of corporate users’ group, and proposed models and methods for their synthesis;

Developed models and methods for the analysis of social networks in the e-state environment, online community management, and intellectual analysis of personal data;

Suggested various conceptual approaches and proposals for the formation of the information society and its various segments;

Proposed new approaches and models for the network virtualization resources and the synthesis of clouds;

Proposed various approaches to the formation concept of the national information security system and its implementation.

Names of scientific works
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Member of the General Assembly of GEANT, The Association of European National Research and Education Networks.

Representative of Azerbaijan in the EaPConnect project to expand the capacity of scientific and educational networks of the EU4Digital: Eastern Partnership countries and accelerate their integration into world science within the framework of the European Commission's Eastern Partnership Program.

Representative of Horizon 2020 GN: 4-3 project in Azerbaijan.

Pedagogical activity

- Acting as the professor of Azerbaijan Technical University and Azerbaijan State Oil Academy he delivered lectures on theoretical and technological basis of the development of computer systems and networks, information society, and information security.

- Since 2008, in the education system of Azerbaijan, he was the initiator and lecturer of the subject "Fundamentals of the Information Society" at the "Journalism" faculty of Baku State University.

- He is the organizer of the Training-Innovation Center established at the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS in 2002 in the framework of the Doctor of Philosophy training in the Republic on the subject of "Informatics".

- In the framework of the reforms implemented by the Ministry of Education, he is closely involved in adapting the programs of "Informatics" and other IT-oriented subjects in higher and secondary schools to modern requirements, developing electronic textbooks, updating the terminological base, and he also provides scientific and methodological advice.

Other activities

- He is closely involved in the formation of the national infrastructure of the Internet, the implementation of state policy in the field of the information society, the formation of e-science and its technological infrastructure, the development of the computer network AzScienceNet and its integration into the European environment.

- Chairman of Scientific Council on "Physics, Mathematics and technical sciences" under the Council for Organization and Coordination of Scientific Research of Azerbaijan Republic.

- Chairman of the Dissertation Board of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS

Scientific expertise activity

Editorial Board Member of the following journals:

Applied and Computational Mathematics

CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology


Digital Technology Security

Informatics and Control Problems

Problems of Information Technology

Problems of Information Society

Social and political activity

Member of the editorial board of the National Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan.

Elected a member of the Coordinating Council of World Azerbaijanis at the 3rd Congress of World Azerbaijanis.

Member of the "Coordination Commission for Information Security" of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Member of the New Azerbaijan Party

Awarding and prizes

"Taraggi" medal - 2009,

The medal "100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-2018)"

Place of work and its address Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 30, Istiglaliyyat str., Baku, AZ1001, Azerbaijan Republic
Institute of Information Technology  of ANAS, 9, B.Vahabzadeh St., Baku, AZ1141, Azerbaijan Republic 

Vice-President of ANAS,

director-general of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS

Office phone (+994 12) 5390167 
Mobil (+994 50) 2156432 
Home phone (+994 12) 4138163 
Fax (+994 12) 5396121