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Jafarov Tayyar Jumshud oglu
Place of Birth Baku, Azerbaijan
Date of Birth 18.07.1939
Education Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree Doctor of physics and mathematics
Title Professor
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Semiconductor and dielectric physics

Effect of internal and external electric fields on diffusion in semiconductors

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Semiconductor and dielectric physics

The influence of inter-impurity interaction and defect formation on diffusion in semiconductors
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Total number of scientific publications 320
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 302
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 124
Certificates of authorship and number of patents 15
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Main scientific achievements The main directions of the scientific research of T.D. Dzhafarov are as follows: a) Diffusion processes in semiconductors and semiconductor devices, b) Nanostructured silicon-based photovoltaic solar cells and hydrogen fuel cells. Series of investigations carried out by T.D. Dzhafarov and related with influence of radiation and illumination on electro-transport and impurity diffusion, permitted to determinate diffusion parameters, migration mechanisms of impurities and point defects. These results were applied while in creation of a number of semiconductor devices with stable characteristics (hetero-lasers, solar sells, light-emitting diodes, infrared detectors, tunnel diodes etc.). Effective photovoltaic silicon solar cells with nano-porous silicon layers as antireflection coating have been developed. The production technology of new type of hydrogen fuel cells on basis of nano-structured porous silicon, that directly converts at room temperature chemical energy of hydrogen to electric energy at room temperature have been developed.
Names of scientific works 1. G.B. Abdullaev and T.D. Dzhafarov, Atomic Diffusion in Semiconductor Structures (Harwood Academic Publishers, New York, 1987) 340 p.

2. T.D. Dzhafarov, Defects and Diffusion in Epitaxial Structures. (Nauka, Leningrad, 1978) 207 p. (in Russian).

3. T.D. Dzhafarov, Photostimulated Atomic Proces in Semiconductors. (Energoatomizdat, Moscow, 1987) 133 p. (in Russian).

4. T.D .Dzhafarov, Radiation Stimulated Diffusion in Semiconductors. (Energoatomizdat, Moscow, 1991) 287 p. (in Russian).

5. T.D. Dzhafarov, V.I. Fistul et al. Physics and Materials Science of Semiconductors with Deep Levels. (Metallurgiya, Moscow, 1987) 230 p. (in Russian).

6. T.D. Dzhafarov, Physics of Semiconductors 1 (Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, 1998) 200 p. (in Turkish).

7. T.D. Dzhafarov, Solid State Electronics, (Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, 2000) 234 p. (in Turkish).

8. Alternative Fuel (collective monograph), ed. Maximina Manzonera, Chapter 13. T.D. Dzhafarov and S.A.Aydin, Nano-Porous Silicon-based Mini Hydrogen Fuel Cells, (INTECH, Rijeka, Croatia, 2011) pp.309-345, ISBN 978-953-307-372-9.

9. Solar Cells–Research and application Perspectives, ed. Dr. Arturo Morales-Acevedo, Chapter 2, Tayyar Dzhafarov, Silicon Solar Cells with Nanoporous Silicon Layer, (INTECH, Rijeka, Croatia, 2013), pp. 27-59, ISBN 980-953-307-574-2.

10. Handbook of Porous Silicon (Ed. Leigh Canham), Chapter-Tayyar Dzhafarov, Porous silicon and Solar cells. Springer, 2014.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations T.D. Dzhafarov is the member of Scientific council “Functional materials for electronics technique” of International Associations of National academies of sciences
Pedagogical activity In 1980-1993 T.D. Dzhafarov gave the course of physics at Azerbaijan Academy of oil and chemistry.

In 1996-2004 he gave the course of lectures on Semiconductor physics, Solid state electronics, Optoelectronics, High-temperature superconductors, Diffusion in semiconductors Karadeniz technical universite (trabzon, Turkey) and Yildiz technical universite (Istanbul, Turkey).

In 2000 T.D. Dzhafarov gave series of lectures on High-temperature superconductivity in Italy and he have been selected  Honorary professor of Per la Ricerca Di Base Universitetin (Molize, İtaliya) 
Other activities T.D. Dzhafarov operated a number of international grants:

1. Grant of scientific and technical research council of Turkey (TUBITAK) for project “Thin Film Solar Cells” 1999-2001.

2. NATO Grant for project “Creation of the High-sensitive photo-detectors in the IR-spectral Range” 2002-2003.

3. DPT (Turkish state planning organization) Project 23-DPT-07-01-02 “Hydrogen production from boron compounds and development of fuel cells. Hydrogen diffusion in boron compounds”

4. STCU Grant for Project no: 3819 “Research and development of novel microelectronics gas sensors based on nanostructured porous-layers for environmental monitoring”, 2007-2009.

5. STCU Grant for Project no: 5585 “Development of novel nanoporous silicon-based hydrogen fuel cells”, 2011-2012.

6. Grant of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences: “Development and investigation of silicon solar cells”, 2010-2011.

Awarding and prizes

Letter of commendation of Academy of Sciences of USSR

“Shohrat” order (2020)
Place of work and its address Azerbaijan national Academy of Sciences, Institute of physics, 131 H. Javid Avenue, AZ1143, Baku, Azerbaijan
Position Head of department
Office phone (+994 12) 5393725
Mobil (+994 50) 3881635
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