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Mammadov Parviz Ziya oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city   
Date of Birth 12.01.1937 
Education Azerbaijan State İndustry İnstitute (now the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University)
Scientific degree Doctor of Geological - Mineralogical Sciences
Title Academician, professor
Topic of PhD thesis:

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Geophysical exploration methods in the search for mineral deposits

The efficiency of the spectral analysis of seismic waves

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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Geophysical exploration methods in the search for mineral deposits

Seismostratigraphic investigation of the geological structure of sedimentary cover South Caspian Megabasin

Election of corresponding member of ANAS:

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Geophysical exploration methods

Election of active member of ANAS:

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Geophysical exploration methods

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 3
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Main scientific achievements Dynamic investigations of dynamic characterizations of seismic waves

Seismostratigraphic investigation of South Caspian megabasin

Investigations of sedimentary bodies and oil/gas sedimentary complexes

Exploration of non-anticline traps of oil and gas

Names of scientific works 1. Tectonic History of the Southern Caspian Sea Bulletin AAPG volum 81/8 August, 1997

2. Features of the crust of the SCB in the light of new geophysical research. Proceedings of ANAS, series "Earth Science» №2 Baku 2006.

3. Deep structure and tectonic evolution SCMB

4. Geology of Azerbaijan, vol VII of, and Gas 2007

5. Seismic exploration I, II, III cild. «Elm», 2007

6. Study of the Earth's crust of the South Caspian basin according ultradeep Seismometry. Jour. Geophysics news in Azerbaijan 1-2, 2008, p. 5-13

7. Modern architecture SCMB-output multi-stage evolution in the central segment AGPP. AMEA, Department of Earth Sciences News, №4, Bakı 2010

8. Sedimentation models in the SCMB and their seismostratigraphic characteristics.“Stratigraphy and sedimenttology of oilgas basins” 2010

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. American Workers Association (1992),

2. An honorary member of the International Geophysical Society (1993),

3. European Geologist and Engineers Association (1994),

4. The International Engineering Academy (Moscow) full member (1996),

5. International Academy of Sciences (Vienna, Austria) full member ( 2016)

Pedagogical activity The Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University, 1962-2016th years 
Other activities Deputy academician-Secretary of the Department of Earth Sciences ANAS,

Deputy chairman of the council, resensent of the  AR Science Development Fund.

Awarding and prizes Award 2016 of M. Aliyev name Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences;

Honorary diplomas of the Presidium of National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education

Place of work and its address Oil and Industry University, Baku, Azadlig Avenue 20
Position Consulting Professor
Office phone (+994 12) 4936395
Mobil (+994 50) 3171415
Home phone (+994 12) 4965310