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Abdullayev Kamal Mehdi oglu
Place of Birth Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic   
Date of Birth December 4, 1950
Education Azerbaijan State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Philological Sciences 
Title Professor 
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Turkic languages

“Syntactical Parallelism “ ( “ On the  language of the epics “ The Book of Dada Gorgud”)
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Turkic languages

Theoretical Issues of Syntax in the Azerbaijani Language
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Main scientific achievements Actual members and text linguistics in the Azerbaijani Linguistics, studying the epos “ Dede Gorgud” in double aspects ( secret and open ) as a linguo-cultural fact, studying “ Dede Gorgud epics in comparison with the world epics ( such as, “ The Song of Nibelungs”)
Names of scientific works

1. On Syntax of the Simple Sentence in the Azerbaijani Language. Baku: Elm, 1983.

2. Theoretical Issues of Syntax in the Azerbaijani language. Baku: Maarif, 1998, 281 p.

3. Secret “ DedeGorgud” . Baku:Yazichi, 1991

4. The Epic in the Mystery or Secret Dede Gorgud-2. Baku: Elm, 1999, 304 p.

5. Lectures at Baku Slavic University. ( co-authorship with acad. A.Mirzajanzade) baku: Mutarjim, 2003

6. The Russian Language in Azerbaijan.. History, Modernity, Perspectives. ( co-authorship with I. Hamidov) Baku: Kitabalemi, 2005

7. Secret “ DedeGorgud” . Baku: Mutarjim, 2006

8. From Myth to Writing or Secret DedeGorgud. Baku: Mutarjim, 2009

9. “Let’s Speak Azeri” ( in French) ( ParlonsAzerbaidjanais. L’Harmattan, 2008, co-authorship with Michael Malerble), in Romanian ( SaVorbimAzerbaidjana. IdeeaEuropeana, Buxarest 2010), in arabian (Abu-Dabi, 2012, co-authorship with Ahmad Sami Elaydi) and in hungarian (Budapest, 2011, co-authorship with Kenesey Maria).

10. Complex Syntactic Whole in Azeraijani language. Baku: Mutarjim, 2016.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1. Full member of ANAS

2. Full honorary member of the Turkish language society

3. Full honorary member  (academician ) of the Ukrainian International Personnel  Academy

4. Member of Russian PEN-club ( Moscow)

5. Honorary Doctor of Moscow State Pedagogical University

6. Honorary professor of Poltava Economic and Trade University
Pedagogical activity Rector of Baku Slavic University, teacher (2000-2014)
Other activities Chairman of Azerbaijan Creativity Foundation, The Board of Trustees of the Baku International Centre for Multiculturalism, writer – his works have been published in about  20 countries of the world.
Awarding and prizes 1. Honorary public figure of Azerbaijan

2. Pushkin medal of Russian Federation ( 2007)

3. The Humay award ( 2007)

4. “The Work of the Year” award by the 525th newspaper

5. “The Literature Man  of the Year” award by monitoring group of the 525th

newspaper ( 2009)

6. “Karl Kramerj “ medal for his important role in the development of relations between Azerbaijan and Czech Republics

7. “Big Cross” Cavalier medal by the President of the Polish Republic Lekh Kachinsky (2009)

8. Special Diploma by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland for his tremendous services in promoting the positive image of Poland

9. “National Dede Gorgud Award” by the National Dede Gorgud Foundation( 2010)

10. “Veten Ovladi” gold medal by the International Magazine “ World of Azerbaijan”

11. “Literary Work of the latest 10 years” award in the III Nesimi National Literature Competition (2010) for his novel “ The Incomplete Manuscript”

12. The Supreme Award of Sofia University – “ Honorary Blue Ribbon Insignia” ( 2013)

13. Scanno prize for Literature (Italy, 2015)

14. “Gold Delvig” prize (2016)

Place of work and its address Azerbaijan University of Languages, AZ1014, Baku, Nasimi, Rashid Behbudov, 134
Position Rector
Office phone (+994 12) 4972589
Mobil (+994 50) 2165262
Home phone