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Abbasov Ali Mamed oglu
Place of Birth Shakhbooz district, Nakhichivan Autonomy Republic, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of Birth 01 January, 1953
Education Moscow Energy Institute, Automatics and Telemechanics 
Scientific degree Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Title Professor, Academic
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Automation of technological preparation of production in computer-aided design systems, radio and electronics industry

Development and investigation of sustainable technological algorithmic methods for optimal and accurate designing of topological schemes of very-large-scale integration  circuit

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Information Processing and Management Systems

Models and methods for the design of  information processing systems distributed in computer networks

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Computer Sciences

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Main scientific achievements: Topological methods for increasing density of large and very large scale integrations have been given and optimal allocations of elements on crystal have been settled. Optimal issues coordinating application process with functional-topological structure for control systems in computer networks have been solved. Settlement methods of sustainability in free topological computer networks, synthesis of hierarchical control system in such networks, methods of simulation models for distributed information systems and integral issues in distributed databases have been worked out.

Theoretical and practical foundations of distributed intellectual systems have been proposed. Fuzzy relation structured distributed knowledge bases, adoption of orders over them and expert systems have been established, adaptive methods in fuzzy structured knowledge bases and mathematical model of ideal knowledge base has been worked out.

Human – machine interface model has been prepared. New approach for analyzing and processing Big Data  has been proposed.

Names of scientific works: 1. Аббасов А.М., Рубцов В.П. Об одном подходе к проектированию топологии БИС сеточным принципом //Управляющие системы и машины, Киев, 1979, №6.

2. Аббасов А.М. Об одной модели задачи трассировки // Кибернетика, Киев, 1983, №2.

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9. Аббасов А.М., Сулейманов А.Ш., Рзаева И.А. Алгоритм анализа текста с применением грамматики русского языка на основе нейрологики // Техника, 2003, №2.

10. Abbasov A.M., Fatullayev A.B. The complications of the Azerbaijan-English machine translation process and ways their elimination // Applied and computional mathematics, vol. 4, N 1, Bakı, 2005, p.3-9.

11. Abbasov A.M., Mamedova M., Gasimov V. Fuzzy relational model for knowledge processing and decision making // Advances in Mathematics Research, Volume 1, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York, 2002, p.207-241.

12. Abbasov A.M., Fatullayev A.B. Forming the set of recognition units for the speech recognition system for the Azerbaijani language // Applied and Computational Mathematics. Vol. 6, No. 2, 2007, p.181-191. 

13. Abbasov A.M., Fatullayev A.B., Fatullayev R.A. Overcoming Agglutination Difficulties in the Development of an MT system from the Azerbaijani Language // Speech and Language Technology. International journal of Polish phonetics association. Poznan 2008, vol. 11, p. 215-228.

14. Abbasov A.M., Aliyev I.M. Mathematical model for a choice of optimal structure of MPLS-networks // Automatic Control and Computer Sciences (2010) 44, p.149-153.

15. Abbasov A.M.Broadband and the digital divide // Connect World, 2010, ISSN 1743-0704, p.8-9.

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17. Abbasov A.M., Aliev T.A., Guluyev Q.A. and etc. System of robust noise monitoring of anomalous seismic processes /Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Volume (s) 53, 07 jul-2013, p.11-25.

18. Yager R.R., Abbasov A.M. Pythagorean Membership Grades, Complex Numbers, and Decision Making/ International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. 436–452, May 2013.

19. Аббасов А.М., Yager R.R., Reformat M.Z. and etc. Soft Computing: State of the Art Theory and Novel Applications/Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, vol.291, Publisher: Springer; 2013.-315 p.

20. Abbasov A.M. Information Boom: New Trends and Expectations/ Soft Computing: State of the Art Theory and Novel Applications Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Volume 291, 2013, pp 1-12.

21. Yager R. R., Abbasov, A. M. "On forming joint variables in computing with words," Technical Report MII-3209 Machine Intelligence Institute, Iona College, 2013

22. Zadeh L.A., Abbasov A.M., Yager R.R. and etc. Recent Developments and New Directions in Soft Computing / Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Vol. 317, 2014, VIII, 466 p.

23. Abbasov A.M., Shahbazova Sh.N. Model of the Applicability of Expert System Based on Neural Networks Technology and Hybrid Systems for Decision Making / Recent Developments and New Directions in Soft Computing” Vol. 317, VIII, 2014, pp.3-18. 

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations: 1. IEEE

2. ACM

3. TWAS- The World Academy of Sciences

4. International Informatization Academy

5. International Telecommunication Academy

6. International Academy of Engineering  
Pedagogical activities “Information technologies in the world economy” Department at the Azerbaijan State Economic University

He delivers lectures on digital economics

Other activities Member of Broadband Commission for Digital Development under Secretary General of UN 
Awarding and prizes “Shohrat” Order

Honorary Doctor of the University Pannonia

Honorary Doctor of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute

Honorary Doctor of the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications

Honorary Doctor of Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics 
Place of work and its address

Institute of Control Systems, AZ1141, Baku city, Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh street, 68

Position General director


Office phone (+994 12) 539-01-51
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