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Mammadov Nazim Timur oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan, Baku
Date of Birth 05.11.1953 
Education Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys 
Scientific degree Doctor of Phys.& Math. Sciences 
Title Docent 
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Optical properties of layered A(III)B(III)C2(VI)

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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Electron spectra of low-dimensional TlMeX2 crystals 

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Semiconductor and dielectrik

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279 (159 articles, 120 abstract)


220 (130 articles, 90 abstract) 

Certificates of authorship and number of patents 4 certificates of authorship and 2 patents in Japan  
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Main scientific achievements 1. There has been developed and evaluated a nide variety of nevs methods coherent and spectroscopic ellipsometry allovinq all 4 stokes parameters necessary for complete description of liqht nove state to be taken.

2. There has been developed and evaluated a nevs analytical approach to the spectroscopy of liqht fiqures on the nide variety of familiar optical and anisotropic materials. The qiven approach enables the relation of qroup and phase velocity of liqht waves in the medium to be determined. There has been made prediction and shovn experimentally effect of collapse of liqht fiqures to zero in the medium of spatial dispersion of 1st order.

3. On the base of quantum-mechanical calculations from the principles and reqression analysis of spectroscopic phase-modulated ellipsometry data there has been surely recovered interband state density for optical transitions and dielectric function of nide material class.

4. By usinq peculiarities of thioqallat chalcogenides of varions metals the basis for cretinq unique solid state laser of optical pumpinq and continuosly tunable frequency in the ranqe spreadinq violet and qreen reqions of spectrum are developed.

5. There has been revealed a nide variety of materials of qiant photo-thermo-deformation effect for crystal solid states. There has been developed the actuator controlled by liqht impulses of low amplitude and convertinq liqht enerqy to mechanical linear motions at a distance of nanometer up to several microns.

6. As an example of familiar bismuth chalcoqenide semiconductors nith topoloqical occupied states nearby Fermi level there has been shown the existence of hiqh-lyinq unoccupied electron states of helical spin texture beinq characteristic of states topoloqically scatter-profed from monmaqnetiq defects and impurities.

Names of scientific works 1. N. Mamedov et al."Lasing Possibility in Rare-Earth Element Doped Thiogallate Compounds" Japan Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 39, pp. 429-433, 2000.

2. N. Mamedov et al. "Angle-Resolved Photoemission and Band-Structure Results for Linear Chain TlGaTe2" Physical Review B, vol. 64, pp. 045210: 1-5, 2001.

3. N. Mamedov et al "Light Figures and Group-to-Phase Velocity Ratio in Anisotropic Media" Japan Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 40, pp. 4938-4942, 2001.

4. N. Mamedov et al. "Numerical and Experimental Approbation of Extended Application of Light Figures" American Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 91, pp. 4110-4113, 2002.

5. N. Mamedov et al." Ellipsometric Studies at and below Energy Gap on Polycrystalline Calcium and Strontium Thiogallates", Physica Status Solidi (a), vol. 198, pp. 478-486, 2003.

6. N. Mamedov et al. "1D-TlInSe2:Band Structure, Dielectric Function, and Nanorods" Japan Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 44, pp. 2873-2881, 2005.

7. N. Mamedov et al. "New Developments in Experimental and Analytical Aspects of Light Figure Spectroscopy" Japan Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 44, pp.754-760, 2005.

8. N. Mamedov et al."Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometry in Application to Some Novel Single and Polycrystalline Ternary Compounds" Physica Status Solidi (a), vol. 203, pp. 2873-2881, 2006.

9. N. Mamedov et al."Temperature-Dependent and Pump-Probe Ellipsometric Studies of TlInSe2" Thin Solid Films, vol. 517, pp. 1434-1438, 2008

10. N. Mamedov et al."Unoccupied Topological States on Vismuth Chalcogenides", Physical Review B, vol. 86, pp. 205403:1-6, 2012

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. Chairman of the International Committee of the conference ICTMC

2. Japan member of the Society Applied Physics

3.  Acting member of the International Academy of Sciences of Turkish World Studies

Pedagogical activity 38 years scientfic, 10 years pedagogic  
Other activities  
Awarding and prizes Honor Decree of Presidium of ANAS 
Place of work and its address

Institute of Physics of ANAS, H.Javid 131 

Position Head of laboratory
Office phone (+994 12) 5387646 
Mobil (+994 50) 5318138 
Home phone (+994 12) 5973816 
Fax (+994 12) 5372292