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Akhundova Nargiz Chingiz gizi


Place of Birth Baku, Azerbaijan 
Date of Birth 07.08.1959 
Education Baku State University – Faculty of Oriental studies 
Scientific degree Doctor of Historical Science 
Title Professor  
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General history

The role of Islam in social-political life in the Arab republic of Syria (1963-1982) 
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General history 

Turks role in the military-political structure of the Abbasid Caliphate (ser.VIII ser.X-cc.)
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Total number of scientific publications 110
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 18
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Main scientific achievements Studies of various aspects of medieval Islamic history, particular in the Arab-Turkish relations, since the emergence of the Caliphate to its political disintegration.  The result of this relationship became a unified political system of the government, as well as posed to all Muslims, regardless of their ethnicity, creation of Muslim civilization, which was attended by representatives of all the nations included in the Caliphate. 
Names of scientific works 1. Turks in the public administration of the Arab Caliphate VIII-ser.X centuries. Monograph, Baku, 2004

2. Caucasus and the great Turkish Empire. Baku, Monograph, 2012 (co-author)

3. Syria and Iraq under the rule of the Baath Party. Monograph, Baku, 2000

4. History of Asia and Africa (The emergence and development of feudal relations) Baku, Publishing House of the monograph BSU, 1994

5. History of Asia and Africa in the Middle Ages. Textbook, Baku, from 2010-BSU

6. Recent history of Asia and Africa. In two parts (co-authored). Baku, textbook 2006.2008

7. Recent history of the Arab countries in Asia (co-authored) Baku, monograph, 2013

8. Political, economic and religious implications of the Arab conquest of the Caucasus. - The Caucasus and Globalization. - Sweden-article 2010

9. Some aspects of the interaction between Arabs and Central Asian populations. - IICA-Gazette article in 2009. Samarkand

10. The collapse of the Caliphate and the new geopolitical developments of the Islamic world. - Art.-History and its problems. Baku, 2007

11. Political consequences of Turkish presence in the Caliphate. - East and Caucasus.-article, Tbilisi, 2005

12. Formation of ethnic diversity of military and political elite of Abbasid Caliphate. Baku, Medieval-East-article 1993

13. A few notes on the role of Turks in the Abbasid caliphate-Ankara-Turk-Artistic article, 1998

14. Medieval sources on the role of Turks in the Caliphate-History and its problems-article. Baku, 2004

15. The role of movement in military Khurramite elevation Turks in the caliphate. Museum of History of Azerbaijan, article, Baku, 2003

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of the specialized academic council on history 
Pedagogical activity 30 years of teaching experience from 1981 to 2012, Baku State University.From 2012 to now Western University 
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Place of work and its address Presidium of ANAS, Istiglaliyyat st.30
Office phone (+994 12) 4925937
Mobil (+994 50) 3117975 
Home phone (+994 12) 4332165