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Farzaliyev Vagif Mejid oglu
Place of Birth Baku city, Azerbaijan Recpublic    
Date of Birth 19 December 1939 
Education Chemist, Baku State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemical Sciences 
Title Professor 
Topic of PhD thesis:

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Synthesis and research of polymeric additives to lubricating oils  
Topic of doctoral thesis:

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The scientific basis of the preparation of highly efficient sulfuric additives to lubricating oils  

Election of corresponding member of ANAS:

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Election of active member of ANAS:

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Total number of scientific publications 668, including 3 monographs and 1 book
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 264
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 120
Certificates of authorship and number of patents 114
Staff training:  

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Main scientific achievements:

-       a number of additives with  different functional action to lubricating oils, fuels and cutting fluids have been synthesized;

-       as a result of studying dependence between  action mechanism, structure, compound  of additives and their functional influence there have been developed scientific bases of creation of highly efficient additives;

for the first time there has been defined the antioxidant action mechanism of sulfur-containing derivatives of phenols and aromatic amines and the results of this research have allowed to synthesize a number of new antioxidants  with highly efficient combine influence.  

Names of scientific works:

1. Синтез привитых сополимеров на основе олигомеров гексена-1 и исследование их в качестве вязкостных присадок. Журнал “Прикладной химии” 2012, Т. 85, вып. 2, с. 297-302.

2. Synthesis of N-alkyl(aril)-Tetra Pyrimidine Thiones and Investigation of Ther Human Carbonic Anhydrase I and II inhibitory Effects, Journal of Enzume Inhibition and Medical Chemistry, 2015, v. 30 (№ 11), p. 206-214

3. Химия соединений с малыми гетероциклами Bakу, “Элм”, 2015, 318 стр.

4. Synthesis of some tetrahydropyrimidine-5-carboxylates, determination of their metal chelating effects and inhibition profiles against acetylcholinesterase, butyrylcholinesterase and carbonic anhydrase, Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medical Chemistry Early online: 1-9 (Italy) March, 2016, v. 31 (№ 6) p. 1157-1162

5. Synthesis of transformations of some tetrahydropyrimidine-5-carboxylates, International Scientific Journal Theoretical and Applied Science, 03(35): 101-106 (Tecnological advances, Philadelphia, USA), v. 35 (№03) 2016, p. 101-106

6. Bis-(morfolilmetil) sulfid sürtkü yağlarına mühafizəedici aşqar kimi. Azərbaycan patenti i 2016 0018
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations: Co-chairman of the Dissertation Council under acad.Y.Mamedaliyev  Institute of Petrochemical Processes of ANAS
Pedagogical activities

Delivering lectures on specific courses of petro-chemistry at Baku State University, scientific adviser of students and masters.

Other activities:

1. «Kimya Problemləri», Editor-in-chief;

2. «Azərbaycan Kimya Jurnalı», Editorial Board member;

3. «Neft emalı və neft kimyası», Editorial Board member;

4. «Elm dünyası», Deputy Editor-in-chief;

5. “Elm və həyat”, Editorial Board member.

Awarding and prizes 1. Medal in Honor of the Centenary of Lenin's Birth (1970);

2. Gold (1971,1977) and bronze (1981) medals of Exhibition of Achievement of National Economy of the USSR;

3. «For Labor Merit» Medal (1986);

4. «Veteran of Labor» Medal (1987);

5. «Honor» Order (2005);

6. Honorary Diplomas of ANAS (1987, 1995, 1997)

7. «Man of the Year» (American Biographical Institute) (2005, 2006);

8. «Honored Scientific Worker» (2009);

9. Memorable medals of Firat University in Turkey and Indian Institute of Technology (2009);

10. «Academician N.M.Emmanuel Commemorative Medal»(2009);

11. «Exclusive British Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal» (2011);

12. The highest award of the European Scientific-Industrial Chamber - Quality Diploma and Gold Medal (2013).

13. Nominal Award of ANAS after acamician Yusif Mammadaliyev (2017).

Place of work and its address

Institute of Chemistry of additives named after academician A.M.Guliyev of ANAS, 2062 block, Beyukshor shosse, Baku, AZ1029, Azerbaijan Recpublic



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