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Hashimov Arif Mamed oglu
Place of Birth Nakhchivan, Shakhbuz
Date of Birth 28.09.1949 
Education Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
Scientific degree Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Title Akademik
Topic of PhD thesis:

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05.09.05; 05.14.02

Theoretical electrical engineering; Power station / electric part of the network, power systems and their control 

Modeling method for the CCM recovery voltage electrical systems
Topic of doctoral thesis:

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05.09.05; 05.14.02

Theoretical electrical engineering; Power station / electric part of the network, power systems and their control

Modeling skin effect and corona in the calculation of wave processes in electrical networks

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Total number of scientific publications 295
Number of scientific publications printed abroad  
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 50 
Certificates of authorship and number of patents 21
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Main scientific achievements: - Detecting and preventing ferrorezonansnyh processes in voltage transformers and capacitive voltage divider 110-500 kV switchgear;

- Identify mechanisms and develop the scientific foundations on of physical and chemical processes occurring on the surface and in the bulk dielectric materials under the influence of strong electric fields and discharges;

- Research into the physics of gaseous, liquid and solid dielectrics 
Names of scientific works: 1. «Журнал технической физики», вып.11, ноябрь 2007, том 77, стр.123-126// Ком­пен­сация объемного за­ряда ионов во время­пролетном масс-анализаторе

2. International Journal for knowledge,science  and technology, October 2009, №1, vol.1, pp. 1-7  // Varistor effect in composites on the basis of non-polar polymer and chalcopyrite phase of CuInSe 2 compound

3. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2009. ELECO 2009. International Conference on Volume, Issue, 5-8 Nov. 2009, pp.I-364 - I-367 // Transmission line transposition//

4. «Технiчна электродинамика», Киев, № 6, 2009, стр.17 – 22 // Исследование структуры наносекундного стримерного разряда методом электрографии//

5.Электронная обработка материалов, Молдова, № 1, 2010, с. 84 – 89 // Электри­ческие свойства тонкопленочных композитных резисторов на основе халькопиритных сое­динений типа CuInSe2-MnSe и CuInSe2-FeSe//

6. 6-th International con­fe­rence on “Technical and Phy­sical Problems of Po­wer Engineering TPE-2010, 14-16 September, Iran, Tabriz, pp.598-600 // Electric discharge treatment of one phase adsorbent for cleaning of the textile factories sewage//

7. Euro-Asian Journal of  Sus­t­ainable Energy Development Policy (ISSN: 1791-6119), PROMITHEAS- The EU-BSEC Energy and Climate Policy Network, Athens, Greece, July-December 2008, vol.1, No2, pp.15-26// Technological, socio-economic and ecological aspects of space weather impacts on the normal operation of oil and gas pipeline systems and reliability of electric power supply grids in Azerbaijan and South Energy Corridor region.

8. Sieci elektroenegetyczne w przemysle i energetyce, Wroclaw, Poland, 10-12.09.2008, p. 159-164// Method of protection from ferroresonance overvoltage by voltage transformer.

9. Sieci elektroenegetyczne w przemysle i energetyce, Wroc­law, Poland, 10-12.09.2008, p. 385-390// Calculation of transients during commutations of overvoltage protective devices.

10. Журнал техн. Физики 2009 т.79  в. 8 с 99-103// Зависимость зарядового сос­та­ва ионов металлов от плот­но­сти лазерного излучения при лазерной масс-спектрометрии.

11. International Journal for knowledge,science  and technology, October 2009, №1, vol.1, pp. 49-56 // Influence of concentration and the sizes of ferromagnetic granules on electrical and magnetic properties of FD-resistor sheath

12.Prosiding of the Tenth Baku International Congress “Energy, Ecology, Economy”, Baku, 23-25 september, 2009, p. 40-47// Studi of distributed generation (d.g.) effect on stability of electrical network.

13. «Энергетика», Минск, №1, 2011, с.30-39// Демпфирование электро­меха­нических коле­баний в много­ма­шинной энергосистеме с разнотипными регуляторами возбуждения//

14. Журнал Физической Химии, 2012, том 86, №2, с.1-4 // Влияние размеров частиц мон­тмориллонит содержащей бен­то­нитовой глины на его зарядо­вое состояние, приобре­тен­ное воздействием электри­ческих разрядов

15. ЭОМ, 2012-2013 // Применение электро­физических процессов в решении эколо­гических проблем системы электроэнергетики

16. «Энергетика» ИВУЗ и ЭО СНГ, Минск, март-апрель 2013, с. 20 - 30 // Гибридные системы распре­де­ленной генерации с возоб­нов­ляемыми источниками: моде­ли­рование и анализ их режи­мов работы в энергосистеме//

17. Electronics and electrical engineering, vol.19, №3,2013,pp. 33-36, Kaunas // Methods of improving superconductive fault current limiting devices in power engineering//

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations: 1. Member of the editorial kollegiiii following scientific journals: "Electronic Materials Processing" Chisinau.

2. «Taba Elm» Tabriz, Iran

3. “İnternational Journal for knowledge seience and texnoloji” Bilbao, Spain

4. “Power Engineering Problems”, Elm, Baku

5. National Aerospace Agency «Xəbər», Baku
Pedagogical activities Azerbaijan State Technical University
Other activities:  
Awarding and prizes Laureate of the State Prize of Azerbaijan 
Place of work and its address AZ1001, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku, Istiglaliyyat str., 30; Institute of Physics of ANAS, 131, H.Javid ave., Baku, Azerbaijan, Az1143 
Position Acting first vice - President of ANAS; General director
Office phone (+994 12) 5393116
Mobil (+994 50) 3181240
Home phone (+994 12) 4342028 
Fax (+994 12) 5393116