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Magerramov Abel Mammedali oglu
Place of Birth Agdam region, Azerbaijan Republic 
Date of Birth 05 January 1950 
Education Baku State University, Moscow State University, Chemical Department 
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemical Sciences 
Title Professor
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Organic chemistry

A new method of increasing the electrophilicity of sulphenchlorides in addition reactions to the double bonds
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Organic chemistry

New synthetic approaches based on electrophilic reactions of alkenes, three-membered carbo- and heterocyclic compounds

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Organic chemistry
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Total number of scientific publications 1206
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 610 
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 485
Certificates of authorship and number of patents  53
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Main scientific achievements:

Basic scientific achievements

Below is the list of academician Abel Maharramov`s major scientific achievements in various fields of chemistry:

In the field of organic chemistry:

1. The new synthesis method known as the “Doping effect” was first established in the field of organic chemistry. Thus, certain class of difficult to obtain, or practically impossible organic compounds were synthesized by this method.

2. Firstly, conformational analysis of 12-membered cycles was studied. Then, their saturated and unsaturated derivatives were synthesized and their molecular and crystal structures studied by X-Ray structure analysis method.

3. On the basis of catalytic olefination reaction, new results have been obtained in the field of synthesis of halogen-substituted olefins, X-Ray structure analysis of reaction products and their usage in delicate organic synthesis.

4. The method of template synthesis of 1,3,5-triazole pentadiene series of transition metals based on trichloroacetonitrile was developed and the role of non-covalent halogen compounds in the synthesis and formation of crystals was studied by means of the X-Ray structure analysis method.

5. In the field of multicomponent condensation reactions, double condensates of aromatic aldehydes with ketoesters and diketones containing active methylene have been obtained, which served as a basis for further synthesis of alicyclic, heterocyclic, bicyclic and spirocyclic systems containing nitrogen of various structures.

6. Many optical active compounds were synthesized with asymmetric Hans reaction and the effect of chiral organic catalyser’s nature and temperature to the reaction output and optical cleanness degree was investigated.

7. Effective synthesis method of aromatic 1.2-aminoalcohols in water was developed utilizing interaction of aryl substituted 1.2-chlorohydrins with various amines.

8. Alkalization reaction in the presence of certain 1.3-dikarbonyle compounds with epichlorohydrins on various terms was studied, function substituting biologically active compounds were synthesized and their bactericide, fungicide features were revealed.

In the field of analytical chemistry:

1. Coordination chemistry of active methylene compounds’ arilhydrazones was studied in details and the newly obtained compounds were applied as catalyser in the reactions of oxidization and formation of a new C-C communication.

2. A new class of organic reagents - azocompounds were synthesized from β-Diketones. The reaction capability of tautomer forms of reagents was studied by the method of quant chemical calculation, molecular and crystal structures of complexes were studied by X-Ray structure analysis method. Interdependencies of complex compounds structures and features were identified.

In the field of oil chemistry:

1. Reactions of alkenyl phenols, including haemolytic thiating, phosphorylation, aminomethylation and condensation with symmetric di-haloalkanes were systematically analyzed. Synthesized compounds displayed features of fuel, polyfunctional additives to oils, corrosion inhibitors and sulphate reducing bactericide in the fields of oil production and processing and positive results have been obtained.

2. Various biologically active heterocyclic compounds were synthesized from phenol containing chalcone derivatives and dynamic effects that may occur in their solution systems were analyzed by means of NMR spectroscopy.

In the field of polymer chemistry:

1. Conformity of chemical modification of industrial polymers and polymer wastes with synthesis of polyfunctional polymers was studied by methods of solid phase NMR-, IR- spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope and other modern methods of physical-chemical research. The ability of successful application of synthesized polymers as a sorbent, nanocomposite stabilizer was recommended. 

In the fields of synthesis and application of nanomaterials:

1. Scientific grounds of the technology of obtaining nanostructures with active features (superparamagnetic, giant magnet resistance, photoluminescence, photovoltaic, photo-resistant, catalytic, etc.) were studied for the first time, these structures were stabilized in various environments while retaining these features, their physical-chemical features were analyzed and the opportunities of applying them in the transformer (sensors) technology, medicine, settlement of ecologic problems and oil production. 

Names of scientific works:

1. Non-covalent interaction in the synthesis and design of new compounds. New-York: “Wiley” publisher, 2015, 450 p. Abel M. Maharramov, Kamran T. Mahmudov, Maximilian N. Kopylovich, Armando J. L. Pombeiro

2. Advanced Nanocomposites: Types, Properties and Applications. New York: “Nova” publisher, 2013, 334 p. Abel Maharramov, Mahammadali Ramazanov, Mohammad Reza Saboktakin

3. Recent advances in bromination of aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds // Synthesis (Reviews and Full Papers in Chemical Synthesis) 2016, 48, p. 615-643. Leonid G. Voskressensky, Nikita E. Golantsov, Abel M. Maharramov

4. A new approach to ferrocene derived alkenes via olefination // Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2015, p.2072-2078, V.M.Muzalevsky, A.V.Shastin, A.D.Demidovich, N.G.Shikhaliyech, V.N.Khrustalev, R.D.Rakhimov, S.Z.Vatsadze, V.G.Nenajdenko

5. CoII, NiII and UO2 II complexes with b-diketones and their arylhydrazone derivatives: Synthesis, structure and catalytic activity in Henry reaction // Polyhedron. 2015, 101, p.14–22. Zhen Ma, Manas Sutradhar, Atash V. Gurbanov, Abel M. Maharramov, Rafiga A. Aliyeva, Farqana S. Aliyeva, Fidan N. Bahmanova , Vusala I. Mardanova, Famil M. Chyragov, Kamran T. Mahmudov

6. Nano-coupling of cephalosporin antibiotics with Fe3O4 nanoparticles: Trojan Horse approach in antimicrobial chemotherapy of infections caused by Klebsiella sp.. // Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology. 2015, p.225-235. U.A.Hasanova, M. A. Ramazanov, A. M. Maharramov, Q. M. Eyvazova, Z.A.Agamaliyev, Y.V.Parfyonova, S.F.Hajiyeva, F.V.Hajiyeva, S.B.Veliyeva

7. Halogen–bonded tris (2,4-bis(trichloromethyl)-1,3,5-triazapentadienato)- M(III) [M=Mn,Fe,Co] complexes and their catalytic in the peroxidative oxidation of 1-phenylethanol to acetophenone // New Journal of Chemistry. 2014, 38, p.4807-4815. A.V. Gurbanov, V.G. Nenajdenko, V.M. Muzalevskiy, K.T.Mahmudov, M.N. Kopylovich, L.Martins

8. Barbituric acids as a useful tool for the construction of coordination and supramolecular compounds // Coordination Chemistry Reviews. 2014, 265, p.1-37. Mahmudov, Kamran T.; Kopylovich, Maximilian N.; Kurbanova, Malahat M.; Gurbanov, Atash V.; Pombeiro Armando J. L.

9. Synthesis and supramolecular arrangement of bis(2,4- bis(trichloromethyl)-1,3,5-triazapentadie-nato)-M(II) [M = Ni(II), Cu(II) and Pd(II)] complexes // Journal of Molecular Structure. 2013, vol.1041, p.213-218. N.Q.Shixaliyev, A.V.Gurbanov, N.V.Gurbanova, V.G.Nenajdenko, V.M.Muzalevskiy, K.T.Mahmudov, M.N.Kopylovich

10. A hexanuclear metalacrown palladium(II) cluster derived from 2-mercaptoethanol // Inorganic Chemistry Communications. 2013, vol.29, p.37-39. K.T.Mahmudov, X.I.Hasanov, A.N.Azizova, K.Q.Ragimov, R.K.Askerov, M.N.Kopylovich, Z M.hen, A.J.L.Pombeiro

11. Regioselective CAC bond cleavage in arylhydrazones of 4,4,4-trifl uoro- 1-(thiophen-2-yl)butane-1,3-diones // Journal of Molecular Structure. 2013, vol.1050, p.180-184. Reza Solhnejad, F.N.Bahmanova, F.S.Aliyeva, A.V.Kurbanov, R.A.Aliyeva, F.M.Chyragov, K.T.Mahmudov, M.N.Kopylovich

12. Uranyl complex with phenolate–sulphonate and diphenyldiazenecarbohydrazonate ligands // Inorganic Chemistry Communications. 2013, vol.35, p.13-15. Reza Solhnejad, F.N. Bahmanova, A.V. Kurbanov, R.A. Aliyeva, F.M. Chyragov, G.S. Mahmudova, K.T. Mahmudov, M.N. Kopylovich

13. Zinc(II)-1,3,5-triazapentadienate complex as effective catalyst in Henry reaction // Catalysis Today. 2013, Vol.217, p.76-79. N.Q. Shixaliyev, A.V. Kurbanov, V.G. Nenajdenko, V.M.Muzalevskiy, K.T. Mahmudov, M.N. Kopylovich

14. Structure and supramolecular arrangement of bis(2,4- bis(trichlormethyl)-1,3,5-triazapenta-dienato)-M(II)[M=Ni(II), Cu(II) and Pd (II)]complexes / Journal of Molecu;ar Structure. 2013, 1041, p.213-218. Namiq Q.Shixaliyev, Atash V.Gurbanov, Nurana V.Gurbanova, Valentine G.Nenajdenko, Vasily M.Muzalevskiy, Kamran T.Mahmudov, Maximilian N.Kopylovich

15. New cobalt(II) and nickel (II) complexes of 2-hydroxy-benzyl derivatives of 4-aminoantipyrine // Polyhedron. -44. 2012, p.72-76. Perizad A.Fatullayeva, Ajdar A.Medjidov, Atash V.Gurbanov, Rizvan K.Askerov, Karim Q.Rahimov, Maximilian N.Kopylovich, Kamran T.Mahmudov, Armando J.L.Pomberio

16. Thermadinamics of dissociation of ortho-hydroxyphenylhydrazo- β-diketones and of their complexation with (II) in aqueousethanol solutions // Journal of Solution Chemistry. 2012, 41(4), p.44-50. K.T.Mahmudov, Maximilian N.Kopylovich, R.A.Aliyeva I.A.Aliyev, A.A.Azizov, Armando J.L.Pomberio

17. Synthesis of hydroacridines and 1,8-dioxo octa hydroxanthenes using primary amino alcohols as reagent or catalysis via three-component condensation reactions // Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. 2012, 4(2), p.955-965. Shaaban K.Mohamed, A.A.Abdelhamid, A.N.Khalilov, Atash V.Gurbanov, M.A.Allahverdiyev

18. Synthesis and In-vitrophotodynamic studies of the superparamagnetic chitosan hydrogel/chlorine E6 nanocarriers // Medical Chemistry. 2012, 8, №6. Mohammad Reza Saboktakin, Roya M.Tabatabaie, Fahimeh Satarzade Amini, Mohammad Ali Ramazanov

19. Composite oligomer constructed from tri- and tetranuclear butyltin (IV) / 25th International conference on organometallic chemistry. Portugal, 2012, PB.258. Kamran T.Mahmudov, Armando J.L.Pombeiro, Malgorzata J.Gajewska, M.Fatima C.Guedes da Silva, Maximilian N.Kopylovich

20. Structural and electronic characteristics of iron (III) oxide complexes with creka peptide analogs // Journal of Materials Science and Engineering. 2012, B2, p.45-51. Alieva Irada, Ramazanov Mahammadali, Abbasova Gultekin, Nabiev Naqif, Omarova Asmar

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:

1998 – member of New York Academy of Sciences

1999– elected as member of the Board and Political Council of the New Azerbaijan Party

Since 2000– chaired PhD and ScD Award Council under Baku State University

2001 – elected as corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

2002 – elected as president of the Black Sea Universities Network

2005 – elected as member of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan representing the Second Yasamal Constituency No. 16, elected as Head of Azerbaijan-Japan Inter-parliamentary Relations Working Group

2007– elected as full member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

2007 – elected as Bureau member of Chemistry Section, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

2008 – appointed as member of the State Commission on Reforms in the Field of Science

2008 – elected as honorary member of the Georgian Chemistry Society

2009 – elected as member of the editorial board of Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia

2010– elected as member of the Commission on State Awards in the Fields of Science, Culture and Literature of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2010– elected as member of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan representing the Second Yasamal Constituency No. 16, elected as Head of Azerbaijan-Japan Inter-parliamentary Relations Working Group

2012 – elected as member of the International Council of Scientists under the Academy of Sciences of Latvia

2013– elected as member of the Commission of the Republic Azerbaijan on State Awards in the Fields of Science, Technology, Architecture, Culture and Literature

2013– elected as member of the editorial board of “The National Atlas of the Republic of Azerbaijan”

2013– elected as honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia

2015– awarded “Certificate for contribution to the development of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University”, “Gold Medal” and Certificate of Membership of the International Friendship Club

2016 - elected a foreign member of Russian Academy of Sciences
Pedagogical activities 1976 – begining of the activity in Baku State University 
Other activities:  
Awarding and prizes

1999– awarded “Yusif Mammadaliyev Medal”

2000– awarded the title “Merited Scientist”

2000– receives “Gold Medal” of the Economic Cooperation Organization

2001– named “International Person of the Year”

2001– receives honorary doctorate from Kirikkale University, Turkey

2002 – wins “Reformist Rector of the Year” nomination

2003 – elected as “Rector of the Year”

2004 – wins “Renowned Scholars of Azerbaijan” international contest, awarded “Renowned Scholar of the 21st century” international diploma

2004 – awarded the Order of Gold Star Commander degree of Romania

2005 – named “International Educator” by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England

2007 – receives “Gold Buta” award for his contribution to the development and promotion of science in Azerbaijan

2007 – awarded “Medal for Service in Azerbaijan Trade Unions”

2008 – receives honorary doctorate from Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania

2008 – awarded “The 90th Anniversary of Azerbaijani Justice System” commemorative medal

2009 – awarded “The Centennial of the Russian Trade Unions Organization” jubilee medal

2009 – awarded “Shohrat Order” (“Order of Glory”)

2009 – awarded “The 90th Anniversary of Diplomatic Service Bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan” jubilee medal

2010 – receives “Medal for Contribution to the Strengthening of Cooperation in Eurasia” from the Eurasian Association of Universities

2010 – gets honorary doctorate from L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan

2010 – named honorary professor of the Crimean Engineering and Teacher Training University

2010 – awarded “Gold Medal” by the American Biographical Institute

2010 – receives “Friend of the Environment” award from Youth Coalition “ECO-2010”

2010 – awarded Certificate of Recognition by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

2011 – receives the European Order of Duty and Dignity

2011 – awarded jubilee diploma on the 50th anniversary of Ovidius University of Constanta by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport of Romania

2011– receives “Eurasian Pride” medal from L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan

2011 – receives “Special Sympathy” award of the Azerbaijani media

2011– awarded Certificate of Recognition by the Eurasian Association of Universities

2011 – receives “Tourism 2011” award from “Support for Tourism” Youth Coalition for his contribution to the development of tourism legislation

2012 – receives 2012 Science and Technology Prize of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)

2012 – becomes honorary professor of the Institute of Ethnic Minority Languages and Literature of the Central University for Nationalities, People’s Republic of China

2012 – awarded diploma by the Turkic World Studies International Academy of Sciences

2012 – receives Certificate of Recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

2013 – awarded Diploma of Merit and Gold Medal by the European Scientific-Industrial Chamber

2013 – receives “The 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation” medal

2013 – receives “Triumph” sports achievements award for his outstanding contribution to the development of sports in Azerbaijan

2014– receives honorary doctorate from Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

2015 – receives honorary professorship from M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

2015 – awarded “Medal for Support” by the Russian Federation Investigative Committee and “70 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War” Jubilee Medal

2015 – awarded “Certificate for contribution to the development of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University”, “Gold Medal” and Certificate of Membership of the International Friendship Club

2015 – receives “The 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate” Jubilee Diploma from the Ministry of Sport and Culture of Kazakhstan

2016 - awarded a gold medal "For outstanding achievements in the development of the Black Sea Universities Network"

Place of work and its address Baku State University, 23, Z. Khalilov, Baku city,  Azerbaijan Republic 
Office phone (+994 12) 4303245 
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