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Nagiev Tofik Murtuza oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city 
Date of Birth 04.03.1941 
Education Azerbaijan State University (BSU)
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemical Sciences 
Title Academician
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02.00.04 (2307.01)

Physical chemistry

The research of conjugated dehydrogenation reaction of ethylbenzene to styrol

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02.00.13 (new 2314.01)

Petrochemical and petrochemical Synthesis

The research of kinetics and mechanism of conjugated dehydrogenation and hydrogenolysis reactions of the series practical significance hydrocarbons and their derivatives.
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Physical Chemistry

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 12 patents and 33 certificates of authorship
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Basic scientific achievements Nagiev T.M. is an author of macrokinetic theory of coherent-synchronous reactions interaction. He has both defined a concept of chemical interference and proposed an equation of determinant considering the condition of coherence as well as phase shifts for the reactions synchronized in time and space. This theory has been definitely proved by experiment. In the basic of enzymes of monooxygenase, peroxidase and catalase reactions was established new biomimetic catalyst and of this direction for the research result in biotechnology new biomimetic sensors has been elaborated. Research of recent years is concerned to biomimetic catalysis, development of high-performance hydroxylation and epoxidation catalytic biomimics resistant to the action of oxidant and high temperatures, the property of hydrogen peroxide to induce various reactions. In the row of fundamental scientific achievements the important place belongs to new   dependent elementary reactions with appropriate kinetic parameters proposed by him. Namely this circumstance has allowed him and his team to study new free-radical-induced reactions-oxidative fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, conjugated dehydrogenation of alkanes and alkenes, epoxidation, hydroxylation and oxidation of methane to methanol, formaldehyde hydrogen-containing gas. A certain contribution has been made to the study of chemical energy accumulation principles in the conjugated chemical and biochemical systems. In the meantime the scientific principles of creation of biomimetic sensors - new analytic systems are successfully elaborated under his guidance. Obtaining of nitrogen 1-oxide on the fixation mechanism of molecular nitrogen with hydrogen peroxide by the result of the quantum-chemical studies and existence of stable HOO–N=N–OOH intermediate was theoretically substantiated. Thus T.M. Nagiev’s the formerly results of the scientific researches were proved and this process was named "Nagiev Effect". The sphere of scientific interests: physical chemistry, chemistry of free-radical-induced reactions of oxidation, heterogeneous and biomimetic catalysis, kinetics and mechanism of coherent-synchronized reactions, applied biochemistry and biotechnology.
Names of scientific works

1. Nagiev M.F. and Nagiev T.M. The Conjugate Dehydrogenation of Hydrocarbons. Book: Advances in Chemistry-133. Edited by Hugh M. Hulbert. USA, 1974, pp. 137-147.

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9. Ali-zadeh N.I., Malikova N.N., Nagiev T.M. Catalase biomimetic sensor on base of electrochemical electrode TPhPFe(III)/Al2O3/Pb and TPhPFe (III)/Al2O3/Si. Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (USA), №1, 2015, pp. 67-70.

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12. Mammadova U.V., Nagieva I T., Gasanova L.M., Nagiev T.M. Macrokinetic coherence of gas-phase ethylene monooxidation reaction by hydrogen peroxide // International journal of engineering sciences & research technology. 2016. 5(12). December 5, 2016, pp. 185-193.

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14. Dr. Nagiev T.M. The Macroscopic Coherence in Synchronized Chemical and Biochemical Oxidations on Heterogeneous Biomimetic Catalysts-The Way to the Self-Organization. BITʼs 2nd Annual World Congress of Smart Materials-2016, March 4-6, 2016, Singapore, pp. 406-411. “Smart Biomaterials”. Lecture.

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20. Malikova N.N., Ali-zadeh N.I., Nagiev T.M. Research biomimetic sensor-TPhFe(III)/Al2O3/Si. 3rd International Conference on Bio inspired and Bio based Chemistry & Materials. 16-19 October 2016, Nice, France.

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31. Nagiev T.M. The theory of conjugate reactions in the context of modern ideas // Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science. 2020, № 10, pp. 52-68

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33. Nagiev T.M. A discussion on the Theory of  Conjugate Reactions in the Context of Modern Ideas. Chapter 4, Current Perspectives Chemical Sciences. Malaysia, 2021, pp. 39-75.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:

Member of Presidium of Higher Attestation Commission of Azerbaijan Republic;

Member of the Editorial board of the journals “Azərbaycan Milli Elmlər Akademiyasının məruzələri”, “Azerbaycan kimya jurnalı”, “Химические проблемы” and of the newspaper “Elm–Наука”;

Member of the Editorial board of the international journal «Chemistry for sustainable development» of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Pedagogical activities Baku State University, professor of the department of the physical and colloid chemistry
Other activities: Vice-President of ANAS;

Department chief of Institute of Catalysis and inorganic chemistry named after acad. M.F.Nagiev of ANAS

Director of Scientific center "Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia"
Awards and prizes

1970 - Jubilee medal "For Honorary Labour";

1974 - Acquired diploma of Azerbaijan Central Committee;

1987 - Acquired diploma, given by Council of Ministers of SSRI, Azerbaijan Central Committee in honor of 70th jubilee of Great October Socialist Revolution;

1996 - Acquired diploma of Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet;

2004 - Order of “Şöhrət" (Order of "Glory") of Azerbaijan Republic;

2004 - Diploma  in honor of 60th jubilee of ANAS;

2014 - Azerbaijan Republic State award on science;

2016  - Certificate of honor of ANAS;

2019 - Jubilee medal "100th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918–2018)";

2021 - Order of “Şərəf” (Order of  "Honor") of Azerbaijan Republic;

2021 - Certificate of honor of ANAS.

Main place of work and its address Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 10, Istiglaliyet str., Baku-AZ1001, Azerbaijan Republic;

Institute of Catalysis and inorganic chemistry named after acad. M.Nagiev of ANAS, AZ 1143, 113 H.Javid Ave., Baku, Azerbaijan;

Research Center "Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia", Academy settlement, 113 H. Javid Ave., Baku AZ 1143

Position Vice-President of ANAS;

Department chief of Institute of Catalysis and inorganic chemistry named after acad. M.Nagiev of ANAS

Director of Scientific center "Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia"

Office phone (+994 12) 4926647
Mobil (+994 50) 2026062
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