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Rizayev Ramiz Gasan Kuli oglu
Place of Birth Nakhichevan city, Nakhichivan Autonomy Republic, Azerbaijan Republic 
Date of Birth 02.11.1939 
Education Azerbaijan State University, сhemist 
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemical Sciences 
Title Professor
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02.00.13  (2314.01)

Chemistry of Oil 

Studying the reactions of oxidative ammonolysis of some alkyl substituted cyclohexanes
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Chemistry of Oil and Oil Chemical Synthesis

Studying the processes of oxidative ammonolysis of some aromatic hydrocarbons.
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Total number of scientific publications 280
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 71 
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases  
Certificates of authorship and number of patents 50 certificates of authorship, 30 patents 
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Main scientific achievements: In the field of heterogeneous catalyst it has been elaborated theoretical and practical aspects of the reaction of soft and conjugated oxidation of paraffin, olefin and aromatic hydrocarbons and their functionally substituted ones. There have been created patent of pure high-effective catalytic systems for the processes of oxidative ammonolysis of aromatic hydrocarbons and on their base new, practically non-waste processes of obtaining the whole range of aromatic nitriles. The vast investigations of the processes of olefine and aromatic compounds oxidehydro combination and one stage oxidative dehydration of paraffin hydrocarbons have been carried out.   
Names of scientific works: 1. Some fundamental and practical aspects of the ammooxidation of alkil-benzenes. Applied Catalysis A. General, 83, 1992.

2.Bi-Mn оksid katalizatorun üzərində oksidləşdirici dehidrodimerizasiyanın mexanizmi. Kinetika və kataliz, 1993, t.34.

3. Ризаев Р.Г., Шейнин В.Е., Сардарлы А.М. Реакци­онная способность функциональнозаме­щенных  алкилароматических  углеводородов в гетероген­нокаталитическом окислительном аммонолизе.  Сборник статей II  Междуна­род­ной конф. "Техничес­кая химия. От теории к практике", г.Пермь, 2010, т.1, стр.436-439

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations: 1. Member of the joint Soviet - Netherlands woring Group on Cooperation in the Chemical Indutry

2. Member of Chemical Kinetics Section of Scienific Catalytic Council of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Pedagogical activities Delivered lectures on Physical chemistry in Baku State University
Other activities:  
Awarding and prizes 1. Order of Glory of Supreme Soviet of Azerb. SSR - 1979, 

2. Medal "For Selfless Labour",

3. Order of Glory of ANAS for 60th jubilee - 1999
Place of work and its address Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry of ANAS, 113, H.Javid ave., Baku, AZ1143, Azerbaijan 
Position Senior researcher
Office phone (+994 12) 5389765
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