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Velikhanli Naila Mamedali gizi
Place of Birth Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic    
Date of Birth 25 December, 1940 
Education Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree Doctor of Historycal Sciences 
Title Professor
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Native Land History

Arab geographers –travelers of IX-XII centuries on Azerbaijan

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5503.02; 5502.01

Native Land History; General History

Arab Caliphate and Azerbaijan (based on the works of Ibn Khordadbeh and other representatives of Arab geographical literature)

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Main scientific achievements: Study of the problems of sources of medieval history of  Arab Caliphate, including Azerbaijan; study, analysis, publication of medieval sources; socio-economic relations, political, cultural history, historical geography of the region; the study of museum materials on Azerbaijan history and etc.
Names of scientific works: 1. Arab geographers- travelers of IX-XII centuries on Azerbaijan. Baku, 1974 (in Azeri. Lang.)

2. Ibn Khordadbeh. Book of roads and kingdoms. Baku, 1986

3. Arab Caliphate and Azerbaijan. Baku, 1993 (in Azeri. Lang.)

4. Nakhchivan - from Arabs to Mongols. Baku, 2003 (in Azeri. Lang.)

5. Statehood of Azerbaijan and its attributes. Baku, 2001 (in Azeri., Rus. and Eng. Languages) (author of text and scientific editor)

6. Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev. Istanbul, 2010 (in Azeri. and Eng. Languages) (co-author)

7. National Museum of History of Azerbaijan-95. (author of text and scientific editor) Baku, 2015

8. Nakhchivan in VII-XII countries in history and historiography. Nakhchivan, 2015

9. Ibn Khordadbeh. Book of roads and kingdoms. Saarbrucken, 2016

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:  
Pedagogical activities Delivering  lectures, academic  courses and seminars  at Baku  State  University,  Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University  and   at  Universities  “Khazar”,  “Ziya”,  “Azerbaijan” (1970-2005)
Other activities:  
Awards and prizes “Shohrat” Order (2010)

Honoured Science Worker (2015)

Main place of work and its address National Azerbaijan History Museum of ANAS, Baku, str. H.Z. Taghiyev 4
Position Director 
Office phone (+994 12) 4932387
Home phone  
Fax (+994 12) 5985211