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Kalbizadeh Elnur Hashim oglu
Place of birth Shilavar village, Lankaran district of the Republic of Azerbaijan  Elnur Kəlbizadə.jpg
Date of birth 15.08.1988 
Education Nakhchivan State University,

Lankaran State University

Scientific degree PhD in History 
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History of motherland

Historical-geography of Nakhchivan (12nd-18th centuries)

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Basic scientific achievements Monographs, books, scientific accounts, articles, theses, speeches at the scientific conferences
Names of scientific works 1. Historical-geography of Nakhchivan (12nd-18th centuries). Nakhchivan:Ajami Print House, 2016, 200 p. (in Azerbaijani)

2. Diplomats of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan:Ajami Print House, 2017, 128 p. (in Azerbaijani and Russian)

3. From the history of diplomacy. Saarbrücken:Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017, 72 p. (in Russian)

4. Sources about History of Nakhchivan. Baku: Elm ve Tehsil, 2018, 240 p. (in Azerbaijani)

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Pedagogical activity 6 years 
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Main place of work and its address Institute of the Caucasian Studies of ANAS, Azerbaijan, Baku c., H.Javid ave.115, 4th floor. AZ1073 
Position Leading researcher 
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Mobile (+994 55) 6986845
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