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Mustafabeyli Huseyn Lutvali oglu
Place of birth Sheki, Azerbaijan  
Date of birth 1954 
Education Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University)  
Scientific degree PhD  

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Distribution patterns of index elements in the aalenian deposits of the Eastern Caucasus and their importance in exploration

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Basic scientific achievements  
Names of scientific works

1. Геохимические особенности раннеге осинклинальных осадочных пород ВосточногоКавказа.  Литология и пол.ископаемые № 2.1987.с.113– 121. (Geochemical features of early geosynclinals sedimentary rocks of the Easter Caucasus.)

2. Some problems of applied geochemistry .Nafta-presss/ Baku. 2007 . 179 p. 2007. с.179.

3. 40 лет истории. Шекинский региональный научный центр. .(на азерб. яз) Баку. "Апостроф".2012. с. 68–120

4.  About the mutual relation among geochemical environment types and vibrations Taking place on the carts crust. (О взаимосвязи колебаниями возникшими в земной коре  и типами геохимической  среды. .(на азерб. яз)  Азербайджанский аграрный журнал). № 3. 2015. с.93–98.

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Pedagogical activity Sheki Filial of  ASPU   
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Main place of work and its address Sheki RSC  ANAS, AZ5500, Azerbaijan, Sheki,   L. Abdullayev str., 24
Position Section director 
Office phone (+994 24)  6171224 
Mobile (+994 55)  8232271  
Home phone (+994 24) 2444105  
Fax (+994 24) 2461712