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Askerli Alizade Bayram oglu
Place of birth Republic of Azerbaijan, Sabirabad district, Javad village 
Date of birth 08.05.1958 
Education Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University 
Scientific degree doctor of philological sciences 
Title senior researcher 

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multinational soviet literature

The poetics of Osman Sarivelli

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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Azerbaijan literature

The problem of national ideal and nation fate in XX century Azerbaijan literary-theoretical thought (based on the creativity of Khalil RzaUluturk)

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Basic scientific achievements

Scientific-theoretical research of actual problems of XX century Azerbaijan literature: national-ideological issues, Turkism, Azerbaijanism, and independence; research of Khalil RzaUluturk heritage, literary methods and tendencies, syllabic and freely poetry, literary genres, researches on harmony and intonation.

Names of scientific works

1) Remembrance of root and word (2003)

2) The poetics of Osman Sarivelli (2005)

3) The patriot of national ideal (2005)

4) The poetics of Khalil RzaUluturk (2009, 2012)

5) The poetics of XX century Azerbaijan poetry (2014)

6) Khalil RzaUluturk (life, activity and creativity) (2015)

7) The poetics of the individual style (2017)

7) Bakhtiyar – fortunate of poetic centuries (2017)

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity

Head of department and vice-rector in Baku Girls University, professor of Baku State University

Other activities  
Awards and prizes

“The scientist of the year” (2016),

"RasulRza" award (2016),

The honorary Decrees of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and State Commission on Students Admission

Main place of work and its address ANAS, Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi, AZ1073, Baku, Huseyn Javid Avenue, 117 

Chief of department

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Mobile (+994 55) 4709633 
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