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Museum of Natural History
Address  AZ1006, Baku, Lermantov 3 


(+994 12) 4920667; (+994 12) 4926501 
General director 

Ph.D. in Biology

Eybatov Tariel Makhmud 

Phone: (+994 12) 4920667

Deputy directors

Obrik Abdulla Zeyniyev

Phone: (+994 12) 4920667, 4926501


Structural subdivisions Department of paleontology of vertebrate animals

Department of Geochronology

"Biology of evolution" evolutionary biology department

Department of Biogenetic Analysis (DNA)

Scientific education department

"Fund Materials" Department

"Restoration" department

Department of Excursion and Tourism

Total number of employees

Basic activity directions   The study of fossil vertebrates Azerbaijan. Arhegeologiya and Arheozoologiya. Ecology and morphology of the Caspian seal (mortality monitoring). Awareness and education (testers and monitoring of school textbooks). 
Main scientific achievements 

1. Compiled an electronic catalog of fossil vertebrates Azerbaijan.

2. Together with archaeologists discovered and developed new paleontological Paleolithic parking on site

Azerbaijan (Karaca, etc.) On-site detection of human sites found fragments of bones and teeth of the Southern elephant, rhinoceros almost complete skull measurements, as well as a large number of individual bones of fossil birds, deer and horses.

3. As a result of excavations in the new third expedition in Binagadi whereabouts Quaternary flora and fauna collected more than 20 thousand bones of fossil vertebrates , as well as a large number of remains of plants and insects. Among the investigated material allocated for two new species of birds and Binagadi two kinds of new plant species . Assembled a collection of fossil butterflies and ants , which are still nebyli described .

4. At Mount Gar -Islam ( Perikishkyul ) was first detected in the sediments of diatom fossil whale ribs .

5. Developed new direction geological studies - Arheogeologiya. The collection Topical issues of Applied Geology. ( Collection of articles. , Baku, Publishing House of "Nafta-Press", 2013 . 367 pp. 63-114 ) published an article : " Archaeological Geology"

6. Published more than 12 benefits of tests for students of 6th , 7th and 11th grades of secondary school biology , as well as 4 - reference manuals in Biology ( Botany , Zoology, Human Biology and General Biology ) for entering universities and college.
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