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Javadov Magsud Alisimran oglu
Javadov Maqsud Alisimran oglu was born on April 13, 1902 in Basqal village of Ismayilli region. He graduated from Shaki Gymnasium in 1918, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute in 1927, and in 1930 from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of ASU. In 1940 he obtained PhD, defended doctoral dissertation in 1957, and in 1959 became a professor, and in 1962 he was elected a corresponding member of AAS. From 1938 till the end of his life he worked as the head of the Department of Geometry of ASU (1938-1972). 1943-1944 - Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs in 1944-1952.

The scientific activity was related to the geometry of the spaces set on the algebra. The theory of the application of bimetric systems to different geometric problems and the theory of spaces on algebra, the alternatives have established the affinity, projective and non-Euclidean spaces on algebraic, real, complex and double matrices, have applied the properties of these spaces and applied them to true geometry.

There has been great service in the development of mathematical teaching as a science, the emergence and development of mathematical terminology.

M. Javadov is the author of 21 scientific articles and 10 books.

He deserved Honored Teacher of the Republic in 1943 and Honored Scientist of the Republic in 1962.

The scientist was awarded “Lenin”, Orders of “Red Banner” and the “Emblem of Honor”.

Correspondent member of ANAS Maqsud Javadov died in Baku in 1972.