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Jafarov İsgender Hasan oglu
Isgender Jafarov Hasan oglu was born on December 30, 1940 in the Imishli district. He graduated from Azerbaijan State University in 1962, in 1969 he was awarded the degree of Candidate of Science, and in 1979 he defended a Ph.D.

He was the senior teacher of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute in 1966-1969, a senior research scientist, in 1969-1985head of the laboratory of the Institute of Physics of the ANAS, also in 1985-1989 he was rector of the Nakhchivan State Pedagogical Institute, dean at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute in 1989-1996. Also in 1996-2015 was the head of the department of theoretical physics.

He was an expert in the field of theoretical physics, and his works were devoted to elementary particles and their interaction. He put forward a number of models of weak and single electroweak interaction of elementary particles, discovered a number of interaction effects.

I.Jafarov is the author of 173 scientific works, under his leadership 6 doctors of science and 2 PhD science have been trained.

In 2012, he was awarded the title of Honored Scientist.

Corresponding member of ANAS Jafarov Iskander died in 2015 in Baku.