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Afandiyev Fuad Aladdin oglu
Efendiyev Fuad Aladdin was born on February 23, 1909 in Atskhuri village, Akhaltsikh village of Tiflis province. In 1928 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Azerbaijan State University.

F. Efendiyev defended his PhD (1934) and doctor of sciences (1942), and was awarded the title of professor.

He has been elected corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR (1959).

F. Efendiyev was the director of the Department of 2nd Facultative Surgery (present Surgical Diseases) chair of Azerbaijan State Medical Institute (1944-1963), Deputy Director of the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (1960), Director of Republican Gastroenterology Station, Head of the Lung Surgery Department of the Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Chief Surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan SSR (1943-1952), Head of Surgery Department of the 4th Head Department (1946-1963).

F. Efendiyev was internationally renowned scientist in the field of breast surgery, cardiovascular surgery and blood transfusion. The main direction of his scientific activity was the study of the problems of chest diseases and surgery, hematology, blood transfusion, and blood clotting problems. She has also been involved in treating pulmonary tuberculosis, pulmonary empyema, pulmonary inflammatory processes. Under his leadership, for the first time in Azerbaijan, he laid the foundation for cardiovascular surgery, surgical hematology, anesthesiology, experimental surgery, and later developed these fields as separate scientific research institutes. His original method, which allows him to easily identify blood infections in the pleural cavity, was proposed by him. This method was known as the "Afandiyev experiment" in the USSR and internationally. The scientist has developed a special tool and apparatus to facilitate lung operations, and hematuraxin can be treated expressly.

F. Efendiyev was the author of more than 200 scientific works, 3 monographs, manuals and textbooks, scientific-methodical instructions, inventions and rationalization proposals. Under his supervision and guidance, 9 doctor’s and 14 Ph.D. dissertations were defended. F. Efendiyev participated in international congresses, conferences and symposiums held in several countries of the world and published many articles in foreign media.

F. Efendiyev was a member of the International Society of Hematologists, International Association of Surgeons, twice elected as a member of the Baku City Council and elected as deputy of the 4th call of Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He was awarded the Honorary Doctor of the Republic, deserved the name of Honored Scientist, He was awarded “For the valiant labor in the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945" medal, "USSR Sanitary Defense Honor" badges. Afandiyev's dissertation on the dissertation published in the form of monographs, as well as his "express" method was awarded for "Academician N.N.Burdenko Award" by the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (1949).

F. Efendiyev, together with academician Petrovsky rescued patient from death, but unfortunately, on September 20, 1963, the great scientist died suddenly.