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Karyagin İvan İvanovich
Ivan Ivanovich Karyagin was born on April 9, 1894 in the Penza region. In 1927 he graduated from the Department of Natural Sciences of the Physics-Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University, and in 1919-1923 taught at the Chembera School of Natural History and Mathematics.

In 1946, he was a PhD in Biology. In 1958, he was elected as a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Soviet Union on the basis of important results in his scientific works.

The life and creativity of Ivan Ivanovich Karyagin has been connected with the study of Azerbaijan and its flora since 1923. In 1923-1932, he worked in higher education institutions in Baku and Ganja and worked as laboratory assistant at the Department of Botany. In 1932, at the initiative of professor A.A. Grossheim, he was invited to the Botanical section of the Azerbaijan branch of the Transcaucasian branch of the USSR EA. In 1946, he created a Herbarium Laboratory and led him to the end of his life. In 1950-1961, he started working on the 8th volume of "Flora Azerbaijan" at the Botanical Institute. He also studied the vegetation cover of Guba-Gusar, describing a number of new plants. The most important work of I.I.Karyagin was the herbarium collection of 200,000 sheets.

Astragaluskarjagini Boriss; Erysimumkarjagini N.Busch; Satisfied with the caricature of Schischk; Oxytropis carcass Grossh; Rosa's carcass D.Sosn; Scutellariakarjagini Grossh; ThymuskarjaginiGrossh and so on. These species are reflected in the USSR flora.

I.Karyagin has created a plant fund of 2000 species of flora of Azerbaijan.

I.Karyagin conducted extensive studies on the study of plant resources in Azerbaijan, discovered rubber, scabies, medicines and other useful plants. He is the author of "The Herbal plants of Azerbaijan" and etc.

Correspondent member of ANAS Ivan Karyagin died April 23, 1966.