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Guliyev Alovsat Nacafgulu oglu

Corresponding member of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences Alovsat Najafgulu oglu Guliyev was born on August 23, 1922. In 1939-1944 he studied at the History Department of the Azerbaijan State University (present BSU) and soon after his graduation he began to work as the dean of that faculty.

A.Guliyev defended his dissertation in 1948 and received a scientific degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences and a professor of science according to the total volume of his scientific works published in 1961 (300 ps.). In 1968 he was elected as a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

A.Guliyev was the director of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in 1953-1958 and 1967-1969.

Under the guidance of A.Guliyev, 3 volumes of "History of Azerbaijan" have been prepared and published.

Corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences A.Guliyev awarded the Red Banner of Labor for his scientific and public activity, "For the protection of the Caucasus", "For Valiant labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" and other medals.

Corresponding member of ANAS Alovsat Guliyev died on November 6, 1969 in Baku.