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Mardanov Majid Ahad oglu

Mardanov Majid Ahad oglu was born on April 9, 1913 in the Gabala region. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State University (1939).

In 1953 he received a Ph.D. in chemistry, a doctorate in chemistry in 1962, a professor (1963) and a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (1968).

M.Mardanov was called up for military service in 1939 and was a participant of the Second World War, seriously wounded in 1948 and discharged from the army.

M.Mardanov began scientific activity as a senior engineer at the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Oil Refining (1948). He was appointed head of the Special Fuel Laboratory (1952) and worked at that position until his death. He was Deputy Director of Scientific Affairs at the Institute of Petrochemical Processes of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR (1959-1982).

The main scientific direction of M.Mardanov was the study of chemical properties of oils, development of technology for the production of special fuels and additives for them, and the creation of production. Together with the staff of the Institute, for the first time in the world synthesized high-performance antistatic additives on the basis of chromium complexes of organic nitro compounds, developed technology of its acquisition and implemented in industry.

M.Mardanov has discovered unknown features such as alkylation, dehydrogenation, isomerization, cyclization, dehydrocyclication, hydrogenation, nitrillation and amination of hydrocarbons while conducting scientific research on new fuels.

The results of M.Mardanov's scientific researches are reflected in 291 scientific papers, including 75 copyright certificates and patents.

M.Mardanov has prepared 3 doctors of sciences and 20 PhDs.

For his contribution to the development of science and his contribution to the preparation of highly skilled cadres, he was honored with honorary title of Honored Scientist. His work was highly valued and awarded the Order of Honor and the II degree "Patriotic War", and many medals.

Correspondent member of ANAS Majid Mardanov died in Baku in 1982.