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Movsumzadeh Mahammad Mirza oglu

Movsumzadeh Mahammad Mirza oglu was born on December 25, 1968 in Baku. He graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the ASU (1930).

In 1938 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, in 1946 - Doctor of Chemistry, and in 1947 - Professor.

Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (now ASOIU) in 1939-1948, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Organic Chemistry at Azerbaijan Medical University in 1940-1960, Azerbaijan Oil Institute named after M.Azizbeyov in 1947-1984 and Professor, Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry (now ADNSU).

The main directions of scientific researches conducted by M. Movsumzadeh are synthesis of organic α-oxides and their transformation, study of the products.

Conducting two-component paired or intermolecular molecular reactions is also associated with the name of M. Movsumzade and his collaborators.

Based on the kinetics of the α-oxide bromination reaction, the proposed mechanism of the reaction has been suggested. Under his leadership the method of synthesis of crown-ethers (di-crown-6) as a result of oxidation bromination with the presence of tetrachlorethylene was developed.

M. Movsumzadeh is the author of 258 scientific works, including more than 20 copyright certificates and 9 monographs.

Under the guidance of M. Movsumzade 20 doctors of philosophy and 2 doctors of sciences were trained.

M. Movsumzadeh was awarded the honorary title of Honored Scientist, was awarded with the Order of Honor and the Honorary Decree of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan, medals for "Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War" and "For distinguished blabour" medals, “Honorary Chemist” name.

Corresponding member of ANAS Mahammad Movsumzadeh died in 1984 in Baku.