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Najafov Ismat Mahammad oglu
Najafov Ismet Mahammad oglu was born on January 21, 1933 in Saribash village of Gakh region. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State University (1955).

He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (1960), Doctor of Science (1976), and Professor (1977). In 2014 he was elected a corresponding member of ANAS.

From 1959 to the end of his life, he worked as a senior lecturer, associate professor (1963-1977), head of the department (1988-2004), professor (1977) at the Department of Theoretical Physics at Baku State University, Dean of the Faculty of Physics.

Najafov's research concerns theoretical physics, nuclear and elementary particle physics.

For the first time, he gave a complete theory of the processes of braking radiation in the crystal and the photodetection of e + e, taking into account the polarization of high energy particles in the crystal environment. His braking photons in crystalline environments, formulas for polarization of electrons and positrons have been used in accelerator formulas in 14 countries.

He first introduced the cascade theory of electromagnetic storms in crystalline environments and proposed a method for considering the polarization of torrent particles. More than 50 articles have been included in the Science Foundation of the Stanford University and SLAC International Center.

I.Najafov is the author of 171 scientific works and 1 textbook. Under his guidance 8 doctors of philosophy and 2 doctors of sciences were trained.

He was awarded the honorary title of honorary teacher (2000) and the “Order of Glory” (2009).

Corresponding member of ANAS Ismat Najafov died in 2015 in Baku.