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Safarov Ibrahim Safar oglu

Safarov Ibrahim Safar oghlu was born on August 28, 1913 in Shamakhi region.

He graduated from the Transcaucasian Forestry Institute in Tbilisi (1939).

I.Safarov defended his PhD in 1949 and Doctor of Philosophy (1962). He was awarded the title of professor (1969) and a corresponding member of ANAS (1980).

In 1940-1942 he was Director of Baku Agricultural Technical College, First Deputy Minister of Forestry in 1945-1952, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1952-1953 and Minister of Sovkhoz of the Republic. In 1953-1961 he was the director of the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture, head of the Department of Measuring at the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (1961-1987). From 1983 to 1985 he was chairman of the committee on natural resources studying under the Presidium of the AS of the Azerbaijan SSR, since 1968 - the chairman of the Azerbaijan Nature Conservation Society, and since 1993 - chairman. From 1987 to the end of his life he worked as an advisor in the Botanical Institute.

The scientific activity of I.Safarov is distributed by zones of agricultural areas, increase of productivity of agricultural crops through the development of field-protective forest strips in all rural areas, prevention of the appearance of subtropical plants, greenery of Shirvan, Garabagh and Samur-Devechi-Absheron water channels, the increase in the area, and the efficient way of increasing the productivity of separate agricultural crops.

I.Safarov conducted extensive scientific research on protection and reproduction of mountainous forests of Caucasus, increase of productivity, study and protection of species of rare and endangered species, plan of agro-reclamation zoning of the republic, method of selection of tree species in separate regions of Azerbaijan and forest areas in uncontrolled areas has prepared a plan for release.

The result of his research was concentrated in more than 200 scientific articles and 11 monographs. He is one of the developers of the "Red Book" in the Caucasus.

I.Safarov paid special attention to the development of scientific staff. Under his leadership, 25 PhDs and 2 doctors were prepared.

Scientific services of I.Safarov are highly appreciated. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the USSR (1956), the Gold Medal of the “All-Union” Knowledge Society (1957) and the Honorary Order of the International Nature Conservation Union. He was awarded the Honorary Forestry Honorary title of the Republic in 1964 and received more than 20 medals of the Order of Honor, more than 20 honorary orders of the International, USSR and Azerbaijan, Silver and bronze medals of the USSR National Economy Achievements Exhibition. In 1993 he was awarded the diploma of the All-Union scientific-research institute of mechanical engineering for "Distribution of Caucasian Forest Plants".

Corresponding member of ANAS Ibrahim Safarov died on November 21, 1998 in Baku.