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Tahirov Vladimir Ismayil oglu
Tahirov Vladimir Ismayil oglu was born on April 5, 1932 in the village of Urud, West Azerbaijan.

He graduated from Agdam Teachers Institute and the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Azerbaijan State University. He was a doctor and professor of physics. In 2001 he was elected a corresponding member of ANAS.

He worked as head of the laboratory at the Institute of Physics of ANAS, head of the department at Baku State University, and then professor.

He studied the fundamental properties of a number of semiconductors and acquired new three-dimensional semiconductor compounds with a wide range of properties.

V.Tahirov is the author of 241 scientific articles, 65 theses, 3 monographs, 9 textbooks, 2 copyright certificates, 12 patents.

Corresponding member of ANAS Vladimir Tahirov died in 2014 in Baku.