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Zamanov Abbas Fattah oglu
Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Abbas Fattah oglu Zamanov was born on October 10, 1911 in Makhta village of Sharur region.

He graduated from the Faculty of Language and Literature of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute (1939). His Ph.D. dissertation (1968) was given a direct doctoral degree. In 1971, he was a professor, and in 1983 he was elected as a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

Editor-in-chief of "Young Worker" newspaper (1933-1934), responsible secretary in "Literature Newspaper", Head of Fiction Department of Azerneshr (1937-1939), and since 1939, he worked as a teacher at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute. After graduating from the Army, he worked as a senior lecturer at Azerbaijan State University (1948-1960), a scientific researcher at Literature Institute named after Nizami of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (1960-1968), Director of the Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami (1968-1971), Head of the Azerbaijan Literature Department of the Azerbaijan State University (1971-1979), Professor of the same department (1979-1993).

A.Zamanov started literary-scientific activity in the 30s. He conducted researches on the literary heritage of the great representatives of Azerbaijan literature of XX century. Particularly his works, devoted to the problem of connection of J.Mammadguluzadeh, M.A.Sabir Sultan Majid Ganizade and others.

His "Hophopname", compiled and published in Azerbaijani, Persian and Russian languages, has been published in many countries around the world and has resulted in new editions of this book.

A. Zamanov was awarded with the Order of the “Order of the Great Patriotic War, first class”, the medals for military and labor services, Honorary Doctor of Science (1980), Correspondent Member of the Turkish Language Institute (1971), Honorary Doctor of Selcuk University (Turkey) 1988)

Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Abbas Zamanov died on April 1, 1993 in Baku and was buried in the Alley of Honors.