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Seyidov Nadir Miribrahim oglu

Seyidov Nadir Mir Ibrahim oglu was born on April 28, 1932 in Nakhchivan. In 1955 he graduated from the chemistry department of Azerbaijan State University.

In 1960 he was a Ph.D in technical sciences, in 1970 a Doctor of chemical sciences and Professor, in 1989 a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and in 2001 he was elected as an active member.

In 1955, N.Seyidov worked as the head of the department at the Olefins Scientific-Production Institute, in the post office box No. 2 as a laboratory assistant, junior researcher, head of the sector, head of the sector (1957–1961), head of the laboratory of elastomers (1961-1992) , Director of the small institution "Elastomer" (1992-1994), Deputy Director for Science at the Scientific and Production Institute of Olefins (1995-1997).

He worked in the following positions: Senior Research Fellow-Consultant of the Institute of Petrochemical Processes of ANAS (1997-2008), Deputy Academic Secretary of the Department of Chemical Sciences of ANAS (2007-2008), Academic Secretary of the Department of Chemical Sciences of ANAS (2008-2013).

The scientific activity of N.Seidov is mainly aimed at solving the problems of polymer chemistry and petrochemical synthesis. Conducted extensive research on polymer chemistry in Azerbaijan, is one of the scientists who specialized in the training of highly qualified personnel.

Under his leadership, extensive studies have been carried out on the basis of low molecular weight olefins to produce synthetic rubbers. A method of producing rubbers by a new method based on ethylene-propylene and other olefins was also developed. One of such studies is the development of synthetic methods and technology for the production of diene synthesis for ethylene-propylene rubber. In this study, methods for the preparation of hexadiene-1,4 and ethylidenenorbornene were developed, and technological processes were tested on large experimental devices.

Under his leadership, new types of catalysts were created with high activity and stability based on metallic aluminum and hydrogen chloride, which are unknown to world practice. These catalysts are successfully used in the industry of Sumgayit, Nizhnekamsk and Tolyatti. The results of his research were published in 365 scientific articles, including those that were reflected in 100 copyright certificates and patents, and most of his works were published abroad.

N.Seyidov was awarded the Order "Shohrat" and "Badge of Honor" and was awarded the title of Honored Scientist. In 2012 he was awarded the presidential pension.

Academician Nadir Seyidov died on October 5, 2015 in Baku.