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Guliyev Nariman Aga-Gulu oglu

Guliyev Nariman Aga-Gulu was born on December 28, 1926 in Baku in an intelligent family. In 1947 he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Azerbaijan State University.

In 1957 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, 1975 - Doctor of Physical Sciences and in 1976 was elected a corresponding member, in 1983 - an active member of the ANA.

N.Guliyev served as deputy director for scientific work at the Institute of Physics of the ANA, vice-president of the Academy of Sciences In 1992-2003 He was the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Azerbaijan State at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research of Russia.

N.Guliyev's scientific activity was devoted to the study of the theoretical foundations of the fundamental mutual influences of elementary particles, the construction of single-particle exchange models of weak mutual influence and humidification models based on spontaneous symmetry breaking, as well as counting a number of characteristics of electro-weak processes within the Standard Model and its various advanced options and the study of their observation capabilities during the experiments. For 40 years, under the guidance of a scientist, joint research work was conducted between the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research of Russia.

The scientist was one of the organizers of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of high-energy physics of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), had merits in the development of these studies. On his initiative in 1993, the Institute of Physics of the ANA was included in the Council of Implementers of the ATLAS project.

The scientist is the author of over 100 scientific articles. Over 100 PhD and Doctors of Science were trained under his leadership.

N.Guliyev was awarded the Order of the “Red Banner of Labor” (twice), “Shohrat” and “Istiglal”. He received the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science."

Academician Nariman Guliyev died in 2014 in Baku.