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Aliyev Maksud Isfandiyar oglu
Aliyev Maksud Isfandiyar oglu was born on August 27, 1924 in Tbilisi. In 1941 he entered the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Tbilisi State University. In 1957 he received the degree PhD in Physics, in 1966 - Doctor of Physics and in 1967 - the title of Professor. In 1969 he was elected as corresponding member and in 1980 - an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

In 1961 he worked as a senior research fellow at the Institute of Physics and later as head of the laboratory "Phenomena in semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures" and in other educational institutions. Since 1971, he held the post of deputy academician-secretary of the Department of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, head of the General Sector of the Institute of Physics.

M.Aliyev studied the transport phenomena in selenium, germanium, silicium, which were classical semiconductors, in semiconductor compounds of the A3B5 type and on their basis in solid solutions and in eutectics. Under his leadership, electronic and phonon processes and a stripe structure were studied in semiconductors, and the Josephson Effect was investigated in a metal-semiconductor eutectic. He for the first time guided the work on the investigation of compounds A3B5 and the conduct of the heat of their solid solutions.

M.Aliyev is the author of over 350 articles, 30 copyright certificates and a patent. Under his leadership were defended 35 PhD in philosophy, 7 Doctors of science.

Since 1998 M.Aliyev was vice-president of the Association of Culture of Azerbaijan "Simurg" and "Zadeh’s heritage and Artificial Intelligence", an active member of the International Academy of Eco-energy and the International Academy of Sciences "Intellectual Development Problems".

The scientist was awarded the Order of "Glory" (2004), the medal "Victory over Germany" (1946), Order of the Patriotic War (1985), Order "Friendship of Peoples" (1986), a prize and a medal after Academician Y.Mammadaliyev (1986) International diploma "Ambassador of the World" (2003).

He was "Honored Scientist of the Republic of Azerbaijan" (1989).

Aliyev Maksud died on December 23, 2016.