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Khalilov Zahid Ismayil oglu
Khalilov Zahid was born on February 14, 1911 in Tbilisi.In 1932 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute.In 1940, he received PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences and in 1946 - a Doctor of Physical, Mathematical Sciences, then, received the degree of Professor and in 1955 he was an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.In 1942 he began his scientific activities in the physics sector of the Azerbaijan branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, created a section of mathematics and theoretical physics, and then a mathematical department. He was academician-secretary of the department of physical, mathematical and technical sciences (1959-1962), president of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (1962-1967), director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (1967-1974). Z.Khalilov - the creator of the school of functional analysis. Solved the boundary problem for a system of polyharmonic equations using complex variable functions and singular integral equations and applied the results in the study of the bending of a bent elastic plate.He created and developed the theory of linear equations of continuous generalization operators and the theory of classical singular integral equations in normed rings and Banach spaces. For the first time he investigated the prices of differential equations that are in the class of functions from the Banach space. He solved the general problem of the theory of filtration of gas and oil, the results he obtained prepared the ground for solving several research problems in the republic in this field. For the first time he created and developed the theory of singular operators in normed abstract rings. Successfully applied functional analysis methods to solving the theory of differential and integral equations in solving boundary problems and optimal control questions, investigating general boundary problems in a system of linear polyharmonic equations, and obtained a complete comprehensive demonstration of real regular solutions. Solved the problem of the solvability of the stability of unbounded operator quasilinear equations in a Banach space. He proposed a new method for solving an indissoluble variable of a mixed problem of hyperbolic and parabolic equations, using the distinctive function of the main part of the operator.He is the author of the first monograph on the functional analysis in the USSR - “Fundamentals of functional analysis” (1949, Russian). Author of more than 100 scientific papers and 4 monographs. He prepared more than 30 PhD and Doctors of Science. He was a member of the Soviet Committee of Mathematics and Mechanics, President of the Azerbaijan Mathematical Society. In 1960 he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science." In 1964 he was awarded the Order of the Labor Red Banner and the Badge of Honor.Academician Khalilov Zahid died in 1974 and was buried in the Alley of Honors.