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Cavadzadeh Mir-Mammad Javad oglu
Mir-Mammad Javad oglu Javadzade was born on May 18, 1927 in Lankaran city. He graduated from  Preventive Medicine faculty of Azerbaijan State Medical İnstitute (1948).

M.Javadzade defended his PhD in medicine (1954, Moscow) and Doctor of Sciences (1962, St.Petersburg). M.Javadzade was elected corresponding Member of the USSR AMS (1974), the Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan USSR (1980) and was honored Honorary Scientist (1968).

M Javadzade was physician and head of the Surgery department of Astara district hospital (1948-1950), assistant, associate professor at the Crimean Medical Institute (1954-1957) assistant , professor at the  II Moscow State Medical Institute (1957-1963), head of the Department (1963) and Director (1975-2008) at the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for doctors.

M.Javadzade founded numerous urological directions in the republic and his activities include directions of urology and operative nephrology of medical science: problems of anesthesiology; kidney deficiency, its pathogenesis, conservative and active treatment; problems of uronephrology in children; urology, cardiovascular examination and nephrogen hypertension problems, the development of new diagnostic and treatment methods.

Academician M.Javadzade is the author of about 700 works published abroad, including 32 monographs and textbooks. Academician M.Javadzade is the author of about 700 works published abroad, including 32 monographs and textbooks. Under his supervision and guidance, 15 sciences and 65 PhD dissertations were defended.

Academician M.Javadzadeh was a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic for 2 years, chief urologist of the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic, a member of the editorial staff of the magazine "Azerbaijan Medical Journal", a member of the editorial board of the "Urology and Nephrology" magazine, an active member of the International and European Urology Society, Purkine Medical Society, honorary member of the Bulgaria Urologists Society, member of Scientific and Problem Councils on Urology.

The work of the scientist was highly appreciated by the state and the public, and he was awarded with  the Order of Honor (1971), October Revolution (1981), Lenin (1987) and Independent Azerbaijan's "Glory" (1997), "Istiglal" (2007).  

Academician Mir-Mammad Javadzade died on August 7, 2008 in Baku.