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Jafarov Mammadjafar Zeynalabdin oglu
Active member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Mammadjafar Zeynalabdin oghlu Jafarov was born on May 9, 1909 in Nakhchivan city.

He graduated from Nakhchivan Pedagogical College (1928-1932), Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute Faculty of Language and Literature (1932-1935), postgraduate of this institute (1935-1938).

He defended his Ph.D (1947) and Doctoral dissertations (1961), and in 1963 he received professor scientific name.He was elected Corresponding member of ANAS (1967) and an active member (1976).

He was the head of the department of "Maarif Ishchisi" newspaper, head of the department of the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute (1935-1938), dean of the Literature Faculty (1938-1939), senior teacher of the Baku Teachers' Institute (1938-1941), associate professor of the Russian Literature department of the Azerbaijan State University, head of the “Literature newspaper” department (1941-1943), deputy director for scientific affairs at Guba Teachers Institute (1943-1945), editor of “Literature Newspaper” (1945-1949), dean of Philology Faculty of AUL (1945-1951), head of the Russian Literature Department of AUL (1951-1953), senior scientific worker at the Institute of Language and Literature named after Nizami, Director of the Institute of Language and Literature named after Nizami (1959-1979), Director of the Institute (1979-1981), academician-secretary of the Department of Literature, Language and Arts of Azerbaijan AS (1981-1987), senior scientific worker at the Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (1987-1992).

M. Jafarov is the author of more than 30 books about Azerbaijan and world literature history, theory of literature and aesthetics, philosophy and culturology, up to 750 articles.His “Akhundov's literary critiques”(1950), Fuzuli Thinkes (1959) Hussein Javid (1960),” Romanticism in Azerbaijani Literature” (1963), “ Thinkers Personality” (1967), “Nizami's Idea World "(1982) and other researches is one of the most valuable examples of Azerbaijan's cultural and philological thought.

Under the supervision of the scientist, dozens of candidates of sciences and doctors of sciences have researched. He is the author of 3 volumed of "History of Russian Literature of the XIX century" for the universities (1970-1974). M.Jafarov's works were published into the languages ​​of the people of the former USSR, "J.Mammadguluzade" and "M.A.Sabir" in English, French, Arabic, Persian, Spanish and Turkish.

The prominent researcher was awarded the Order of Lenin, twice the “Order of Honor”, and the State Prize and Honored Scientist (1982).

Academician Mammadjafar Jafarov died on May 11, 1992 in Baku, and was buried in the Alley of Honor.