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Jalilov Gurban Nizamaddin oglu
G.Jalilov was born in 1927 in Gishlag village, Sheki.

In 1950 G.Jalilov graduated from the Baku State University on mathematics and entered post-graduate studies at the Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and was sent to Moscow.

In Moscow, under the leadership of a well-known scientist in the field of hydrodynamics, V.N.Selkachov, he wrote his thesis on "The motion of the oil circuit and the hydrodynamic analysis of some problems in the field of irrigation wells, and in 1954 he defended it at the Specialized Council of the Azerbaijan State University (now the Baku State University).

In 1963 he defended his doctoral dissertation on "Changing the locations of oil transportation circuits, irrigation of wells and problems of spatial spills" and received a Doctor in engineering.

In 1966 G.Jalilov received the title of Professor, in 1972 he was elected as a correspondent member of the ANA in the specialty "Exploitation and use of oil and gas and gas condensate deposits", and in 1989 he was elected an active member of the ANA in the specialty "Exploitation of oil and gas deposits".

G.Jalilov worked in the Oil Expedition of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences in 1954-1958 and in 1958-1960 was a research fellow at the Research Institute of Oil Production. G.Jalilov's scientific activity since 1960 is connected with the Institute for Problems of Deep Oil and Gas Reserves. Here he led the Department of Underground Hydrodynamics from 1961 until the end of his life.

In 1974-1988 he worked as Deputy Director for scientific affairs at the Institute. He was Deputy Academic Secretary of the Department of Earth Sciences.

G.Jalilov practiced scientific problems in all fields of hydrodynamics. Most of the research conducted under his leadership and direct participation was related to the study of scientific, practical and theoretical problems of hydro-gasdynamic processes arising from the operation of deep wells with various cracks. The results of research work in these scientific areas were evaluated by scientific experts in our country and abroad, and some of them found their practical application.

G.Jalilov was a scientific advisor of 2 doctors of science, and a scientific supervisor of 24 PhD.

He was a member of the International Society of Petroleum Engineers, a scientific consultant to the Editorial Board on Technical Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia.

During his long and fruitful scientific and social activity he was awarded with certificates of honor of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijani SSR, "Friendship of Peoples" and the Presidium of the ANA, he has also been awarded the "Excellence in Oil Industry" award after academician I.M.Gubkin.

Academician Gurban Jalilov died in Baku in 2000.